Town Meeting Tuesday To Approve Sale of Old Public Works Property

coventry-old-public-works--roxanne-pandolfi-photoTuesday January 22, 2013 at 7:00 pm there will be a Special Town Meeting to consider for approval the sale of the former Department of Public Works Facility located at 46 Bradbury Lane.   There will be a vote to approve the sale at the meeting.

The proposal is to sell the property to Earth Dynamics, LLC for $40,000.00 in cash and $20,000 in site improvements on adjacent Town property.  It is anticipated that time will be allotted for information and questions prior to the vote.

While Earth Dynamics does not yet own the property the Town Council has already voted to approve tax abatements for the firm.   According to the minutes of the Town Council meeting of January 7th Earth Dynamics would be granted tax abatements in the amount of 50% for a period of two years.  The motion was made by Joan Lewis and seconded by Lisa Thomas with Council member Julie abstaining from the vote while all others voted for approval.

There has been some difficulty with environmental issues concerning the sale and all details were not complete at the time the Town Council voted to forward the sale to a Special Town Meeting for approval.  In the words of the meeting minutes “We can continue to try to resolve, or we could proceed with the sale regardless of the consequences.”

To go forward, Earth Dynamics has requested the Town do the permit application for the Transfer Act, which would cost $1500.  According to the meeting minutes, “Jeff Shorts asked if we do the filing for the $1500 if it limits our exposure. John Elsesser replied it is not that simple. DEEP could always go after past owners but we anticipate the primary exposure would be Earth Dynamic’s.”

Lawsuits can be costly to defend and resolve and parties consider to have “deep pockets” are good targets.  This meeting will be your opportunity to ask questions and vote on the issue.



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  1. Jason B

    Great points, but unfortunately, my personal experience with this council has been quite disappointing. They would prefer to ask the tax-payers for forgiveness, rather than for permission.

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