It’s Time To Pick Up “The Can” And Get In The Game

Kick-the-CanThe problem of illegal immigration has been kicked down the street so far it can no longer be avoided.  Political pundits rightly point out that the law breaking Latinos have become a political liability for Republican politicians.  Actually the numbers make it an issue for both parties.

For decades American politicians from both parties have failed to properly secure our borders, particularly our border with Mexico. Our elected representatives in Congress have kicked the can of responsible government down the street when it came to the issue of illegal immigration.  Now the number of people in this country illegally has become a major issue, it can no longer be ignored.

For the politicians it is not about people, it is all about numbers, after letting so many people violate the law for so long and failing to enforce regulations and law we are now overwhelmed with the problem.  Unfortunately it is a political pattern we are repeating.

We have become a country of lazy citizens abdicating our responsibility to elected leaders and putting our heads in the sand to ignore their activities.  We listen to their rhetoric and blindly follow, lacking the education or the will to understand and participate in our own government.

Our problem is not illegal immigration, our problem is poor political leadership weak of character and strength in the skills of real leadership.  Our leaders are afraid of the voters, with spines of wet noodles they pander and placate when faced with real responsibility.

They could not say, “no” to illegal immigration instead they turned away and failed to act responsibly.  Now a price will be paid as they pick up “the can” they have kicked down the street.  But the game goes on and this time the stakes are even higher.

We are kicking “the can” of fiscal responsibility so far down the street we a placing our nation at risk financially.  We are risking the future for instant gratification we expand government to answer our needs and willfully remove our own responsibility.

Our leaders bury us in a mountain of debt as we sit silently by ignoring the problem and trusting that what they do will be right.  We have allowed our country to be run without a budget, surpassed our limits for debt and we have kicked “the can” of financial responsibility down the street.

The day is coming when we must pick up “the can”, the game will be over.  We will have a choice to make, either we will hear the word “no” or we will have gone so far down the road of self-destruction as a nation, we will not recognize American as the land of the free, full of economic opportunity.

We as citizens allowed illegal immigration, and we have allowed financial irresponsibility. The only question that remains is how much longer we will vote to continue down the path to our own national destruction.  Our rights as citizens are being eroded, our financial future is at risk and our very foundations of government are being questioned.

It is time to pick up “the can”.  America, it is time to get in the game.  Citizen participation in a Republic is a responsibility; apathy is the road to destruction.


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