Meet Donovan The Loggerhead



Donovan is a loggerhead turtle found on a beach in the Cape Cod town of Dennis, last December.  At the time rescue workers recovered Donovan he was suffering from exposure to the cold and his life was endangered.

After being named “Donovan” he was treated here in New England and his condition was stabilized.  On December 7, he was flown to Florida.   Like many New Englanders he had the chance to escape the winter cold of New England in favor of Florida for the winter.  His rehabilitation was completed spending time at Marinelife Center in Juno Beach.

On January 3, 2013 Donovan was fully recovered and turtle volunteer Kelly Sattman participated in releasing Donovan and another loggerhead Ellie, back into the Atlantic Ocean.  According to Kelly, “They were slapping their flippers in the air and ready to go—so different from the popsicles they are when we find them!”

Before being released Donovan was outfitted with an MK10 Wildlife Computer, this enables you to track his movements on line.  The battery life is about 4 months so you can enjoy a little turtle tracking with Donovan through April.

So far Donovan has traveled north to waters near Savannah, Georgia a distance of 308 miles!  To track Donovan click on this link:  Updates are posted weekly.


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