So We Have Flakes In Connecticut And Not Only At The Capital

Winter Cape 031Snow used to be accepted as a normal occurrence here in New England, I mean it is even mentioned in the history books.  So why all the panic now in Connecticut for snow, not just this storm coming Friday but every time we have a prediction of snow?

You all know what I mean.  The weather forecasters on local television go into sudden panic mode telling us about their Doppler, their special radar, their experience and yes now even that they are on our side.  Like they are going to come here and shovel my walk, yeah right, give me a break.

Sometimes they even get into what appears to be a bidding war as each moves potential totals higher and higher.  Now, I understand this storm will be a significant total but this hyper ventilating panic goes on every time we expect a few flakes.

Even the newspapers get in the act with coverage of grocery store shoppers and the sudden and total disappearance of bread and milk.  I mean if you are out of bread for a couple of days is your family going to suffer?   Is your diet like the old prisons of New England with just bread and water?

Some of you may not be old enough to remember when this type of hype and panic was not the case.  In fact children used to walk to school and didn’t get out early but walked home in 3-4” of fresh snow.  Oh by the way, as I recall none of us were ever harmed by the experience.  Most of us rather enjoyed being out in the snow but were equally happy to get home for some cookies.

We never worried about gas for the generator, nope having a generator was unheard of and when the lights went out it was never for that long.  The best part was taking our sleds out in the street to go sledding because they plows just could get the cleared and sanded like today.  So what happen why do we now see things so differently?

Like many things in life or sports there is a single event or single play that becomes a defining moment, a life changing experience or game changer.  These are the things you remember, not always because they were really so important as much as they were memorable for your perception of them.

Perception is all about our observation of the world around us.  This storm will be no different but we will be reminded time and again about a glorious time for the news media.   A time when the news media became the center of attention in another storm, a time when all of Connecticut was tuned in to listen or watch and they got to enjoy a captive audience of viewers because the roads were closed.

The local media went on the air non-stop describing the actions of snowflakes and politicians (talk about flakes, but I will leave that for now).  The star of the day was a drama queen, loving the spotlight and telling people how she was going to protect us all.  The rhetoric was piled higher than …………. I better just say, snow.

Yes Ella Grasso changed the way we look at snow, suddenly it was something unheard of in New England endangering our lives, but we were to believe Ella was on the job and Connecticut would be saved.  Oh by the way, last night on the local news they had a list of the five highest total snowfall storms to hit Connecticut  and guess what, Ella’s defining moment was not even on the list.

So folks don’t panic, this is New England, we get snow in the winter and the ground hog predicted spring will be early.  So stay inside for Friday, talk to your children about global warming, sit by the fireplace and enjoy some family bonding time.  On Saturday you’ll have plenty of time to clear the driveway and on Sunday you can head to the store to get another loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.  Ok now go hunker down.


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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the insightful reminder that we live in a four season state that at times receives snow fall. Some enjoy it some dread it but we all endure it. There was a day as a youngster when I would grab the shovel and make some extra cash shoveling my neighbors driveways. Tomorrow I will watch the flakes then move them out of the way with my snow blower and get to work as all New Englanders will do. And when the work day is done I will enjoy a hearty meal not just a glass of milk and a slice of bread. Enjoy the white stuff but please be safe. Tim Ackert

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