Keeping Your Eyes On Government

Connecticut_State_Capitol,_February_24,_2008Too often in our busy lives we fail as citizens to stay informed about what is happening in government until suddenly something happens to alert our attention.  Too often we cast a vote, move on to something else, and brush issues of government aside.  We put our trust in the judgment of our leaders to serve, protect and inform us as too what is going on.  When it comes to government, too often we learn to late, and pay a price for our apathy.

Politicians like to send out information, usually via the mail or email, produced from their point of view and nearly always positive, “feel good” information.  In times gone by, local newspapers were a dependable information source constantly investigating and reporting on local happenings in government but those days are gone. The media market today is fragmented with more options and more local news is discovered through social internet activity.

When something goes wrong in government too often we see the failure only in our leaders and not within our own apathy toward government.  Too often we hear the refrain, “I don’t like politics” or “I am too busy for that kind of stuff”.  Well, it’s your government, and your life and you have a right to let someone else run it, if that is what you want, but don’t complain when they do.

How many of us today can talk about what is being proposed at the State Capital?  Many people don’t know the name of their Representative or Senator.  In an effort to spread the news on leaders in government the Opining Quill will take a look his week into the activities of one State Representative in the General Assembly.

The next posting here on the Opining Quill will put the spotlight on Representative Tim Ackert from the 8th District, Representing Columbia, Coventry and parts of Vernon and Tolland.  Tim is in his second term as a Representative but what is he doing?

It is impossible in this space to cover every step in his daily day but you will soon find a report here on what he is doing at the State Capital.    Stay informed, read the Opining Quill.


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