An Eye On Ackert, Your Voice At The Capital Part 1


Tim Ackert

Tim Ackert is a second term Republican State Representative serving the towns of Coventry, Columbia and a portion of Tolland and Vernon.  Representative Ackert is a member of the legislature’s Education Committee, Higher Education & Employment Advancement Committee, and Human Services Committee.

Tim acts in a role of leadership as the Republican Ranking House Member of the Education Committee.  Education is the largest component in every local budget and this makes Ackert’s leadership all the more important to constituents.

While committee participation is important it is not the only work or contribution a Representative makes to our government.  Committee work is often an exercise in cooperation, concessions and compromise.  It is the individual proposals written by any Representative that give us an idea of their priorities, direction and desires.  So it is there we shall look for some insight into our voice in government, Representative Tim Ackert.

Each proposal is called a Bill and each is assigned a number.  The number preceding the information below is the Bill Number, useful if you would like to track the Bill or communicate to your Representative interest in the Bill. The following are some of the proposals put forth by Rep. Ackert for this session of the General Assembly.

Some of the Bills are self-explanatory such as Bill HB-5414 which would eliminate hunting fees for bow and arrow hunters who are sixty-five or older.  Bills of this type are often a direct result of a constituent request.

In some instances Tim has identified a problem and taken action to correct the situation for the betterment of all citizens.  Bill HB-5447 is just such a case it is an act to require to require the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to mail each registered motor vehicle owner’s motor vehicle registration renewal application and such owner’s notice of emissions testing requirements in a single envelope.

It is a bill designed to save postage fees and to reduce the amount of late fees being paid by drivers across Connecticut.  According to Rep. Ackert “In 2005 the state didn’t collect any emission late fees, a few years later it was a couple hundred thousand dollars and in fiscal year 2012 the state collected more than $3.4 million in late fees,” Ackert said. “It’s obvious that the state is not clear enough in the emissions testing notification. The fee has gone from a penalty for a few to a source of income for the state. That can’t continue.”  A public hearing on HB-5447 will be held today.

Sometimes Representatives work together on an issue and such is the case on HB-5772 where Rep. Ackert joined with Rep. Miller from the 122nd District to co-sponsor a Bill to prohibit the imposition of new unfunded state mandates on municipalities for a period of two years.  This would be particularly helpful as local communities struggle to control tax increase in current weak and harsh economy.

This is only the first look at Tim’s proposals in the next posting we shall look at proposals for the treatment of persons with psychiatric disabilities, revisions of gasoline taxes and the treatment of prison inmates.


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