Connecticut Governor Posed In Embarrassing Picture


Remember when you used to look at the kid’s page in the newspaper and there would be a picture puzzle and the question would be what is wrong with this picture?  Well this is a picture released by Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy to announce, celebrate and commemorate the UCONN Women’s National Championship Basketball Team visiting his office.

Is there something wrong with the picture or is there something else wrong in the Governor’s office?

For starters the lamp that normally would be on the desk is on the floor and the Governor’s chair found on the right is perfectly set for gazing into outer space out the window.  Note, if the governor actually sat at the desk as it is set up all the doors and drawers of the desk would be facing the visitors to his office and not accessible to him.  On the other hand if he sits on the side of the desk with the drawers his back is to the door and his writing area is blocked by other items on the desk. 

It is obvious to even the casual observer Governor Malloy has done little or no work with this desk set up.  Is there any wonder why the Connecticut state budget and economy are in such a shamble?  

Here is some advice to the Governor:  Turn the desk around, put the chair at the desk so you can work, pick up the lamp so you can see what is happening and put note in the drawer that says debit to the left, credit to the right.

Oh there is one more item for the Governor to consider, OSHA and the State Fire Marshal would never approve of the lamp cord running across the direct path of foot placement.  It’s time for the Governor to get his act together, the State is in a financial malaise and there is work to be done.  The voters must consider we have a man in the office that can’t even set up his desk to work.   Sad isn’t it?




3 responses to “Connecticut Governor Posed In Embarrassing Picture

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

  2. What is really embarrassing about this picture is the fact that we are stuck with The Little Dictator, who apparently hasn’t read the United States or Connecticut constitutions, until January 7, 2015.
    @ Anonymous: and your leaving a comment was a good use of your time?

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