State Park, An Illogical Value

Make no mistake this is a wonderful stretch of spring weather.  A great time to get out and visit one of Connecticut’s many State Parks.  The visit is free until Memorial Day after that, bring your wallet and don’t be surprised by illogical signs, after all you are visiting a government run site.  Take for example Bigelow Hollow State Park the sign tell us fees are collected on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  Connecticut vehicle drivers pay $9.00 and non-residents pay $15 BUT if you arrive after 4:00m there are discounts fees.  The Connecticut car will receive a 44.5% discount while the out of state vehicle will be rewarded with a 60% discount.

That’s right our government and elected Representatives see fit to reward the non-tax paying visitor with a larger discount than the overburdened taxpayer already supporting the parks with their tax money.  Where is the logic, where is the fairness?

In any event a visit to Bigelow Hollow is worth the money and the time if you crave a rustic natural environment.  The pictures below will provide a brief glimpse of Bigelow Hollow.

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3 responses to “State Park, An Illogical Value

  1. Anonymous

    A 44.5% discount? Did we really pay somebody to figure this all out? Just say 5 bucks after 4:00 PM and there would be less accidents from folks trying to drive and compute at the same time.

  2. In all fairness to DEEP here is their response to the pricing structure:

    “I suppose that is one way to look at it……….that the late day fee gives a bigger “discount” (but charges more) to out-of-state folks
    Originally the “late day fee” was established as a flat fee for everyone…….no additional surcharge to out-of-state folks .
    Later, in 2010, when fees were increased by legislation with a 35% increase for in-state, and 50% for out-of-state (and rounded to the nearest dollar), we now have the differential of $1
    So……..out-of-state folks pay more than in-state folks for late day entrance into state park, and if you look at it from the perspective of a “discount” from the full day fee, it is a larger percentage for out-of-state folks……”

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