Remembrance and Rededication

Keith Allen Miller 5/27/48 - 9/7/67

Keith Allen Miller
5/27/48 – 9/7/67

Across America on Memorial Day weekend folks will gather to remember, honor and memorialize those that gave their lives for this great nation.  They are the men and women that sacrificed their hopes, their dreams and their future to preserve and protect the land they loved.

In Manchester there will be a special ceremony of remembrance for a fallen native son, a brother and a friend to all that knew him.  On Saturday May 25th there will be a re-dedication of a memorial in honor of Keith Allan Miller near the main entrance to Buckley School.  Keith began his education at Buckley as a first grader in 1954, the year it opened as his new neighborhood school.

The original memorial included a tree and plaque placed in his memory by the community after his death in Vietnam, but over time many forgot.  The plaque was covered by the sands of time and the Town had plans to remove the tree, they had forgotten, but those that will gather will never forget.  The plaque has been restored, the tree has been trimmed and the memorial has been enhanced.  It is time to re-dedicate the community memorial for Keith Miller.

Once again the community will gather in honor of Keith.  They will never forget the void in their hearts, the pain of loss, and the dreams destroyed.  They will remember a young man of courage, strength and love of country.  They will remember his eager willingness to serve his nation.

Those that grew up with Keith remember a little boy that could run like the wind, but they will remember him Saturday as a consummate Marine. A brave young man standing tall and strong in face of any foe, fighting for his country, a land he loved.

This Memorial Day would have been Keith’s 65th birthday, a time when many of his contemporaries retire, a time when they look back at life and recall special moments of great joy.  For them Memorial Day will mean a family gathered round and grandchildren learning family traditions.  Keith never had that chance; he was only a teenager with hopes and dreams serving as a man when suddenly his life was over, but he was not forgotten.

We will never forget his sacrifice; we will never forget the void in our lives and the pain in our hearts.  We will gather together, family and friends that remember a young man full of potential with dreams and hopes.  Community members that never knew Keith will join us to honor his service and sacrifice, Keith will not be forgotten.

On Memorial Day weekend, we are all part of that one nation under God that Keith so dearly loved.  We will remember others this weekend as we do each year, we will remember their sacrifice but for many of us this will be a weekend to remember one very special Marine.  We will remember his birthday, his life and his sacrifice; we will remember Keith Allan Miller.

In 1966 Keith could have graduated high school, gone on with his life, with dreams of young love, children, and family traditions but his goal included service to his country as a young Marine in time of war.  We can never forget.

On this Memorial Day weekend, there is a time and place to express your remembrance and honor for a native son of Manchester. Keith Miller stood for you in time of war; you can stand for him in a time of remembrance.  The community is invited to remember Keith by attending the rededication.

Schedule of events:

Meet and Greet the Miller family from 10:30 – 11:30am

Rededication ceremony to begin at 11:30am


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3 responses to “Remembrance and Rededication

  1. Anonymous

    I’d LOVE for you to cover this if possible…..

  2. I think that Veteran’s get the short end of the stick, and give the most to our country.

  3. Darn, I wanted to attend this ceremony. I looked for announcements in the Weekly “forgetter” (Reminder) for a follow up to the original story but it seems that they forgot to follow up on it. Keith, from one Vet to a fallen brother, I salute you.

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