They Are Nearly Gone, A Generation Passing

Our FlagThey are nearly gone now, time has taken them away.  They are men of another generation, children of the great depression.  Boys that turned to men on the beaches of Normandy, in the sands of Iwo Jima and carnage of Pearl Harbor they remember their brothers in war and peace.

Memorial Day has a deeper meaning for them.  They were there among the dead; they carried the bodies, of fallen brothers.  They were the defenders of freedom, the lucky ones that returned home.  Their memories were strong and clear, the times they wanted to remember were the times spent with their fellow fighters.  They could not forget the carnage and destruction left by the scars of war but their love of fallen brothers ignited traditions of remembrance.

They vowed to remember; they organized and joined together in organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Army Navy Club, the Marine League and the American Legion.  Traditions of remembrance and honor for their fallen brothers were building blocks for the next generation.  No day had more meaning than Memorial Day, a day to honor the men and memories from their time at war.

They were younger then, stronger in mind and body.  Today, time has taken most of them away.  Every year there are fewer veterans of the “greatest generation” to carry on those traditions of remembrance.  The traditions have been passed to a new generation; the sacrifices will never be forgotten.

The light of freedom shines bright upon our nation, the torch of responsibility to remember has been passed, and we must never forget.  Memorial Day is time set aside to remember the sacrifice of all our fallen brothers and sisters.  The sands of time will take away a generation but the traditions of remembrance will not pass away.

When the sun rises above our land on Monday we will be given another day to remember, we will remember those that never lived to see the light of God grace their dreams and hopes.  We will join as a nation to honor those that sacrificed their lives for each of us and for our hopes and dreams.

In the evening the light of day will slow set to the darkness of the night and we will still remember, we will remember those brothers and sisters that did not return.  We will remember because we can never forget those that served, fought and died for us.



2 responses to “They Are Nearly Gone, A Generation Passing

  1. This brought back memories of my DAD, he was at Pearl Harbor, he did make it home but the stories he shared were forever on his mind. Daddy passed 12 years ago this July. I appreciate all the men and women that have served our country through all the years past and all the years now and forever. Thank you for writing this, I know it will touch the hearts of everyone.

  2. Thank you for this…very moving and the video will leave a hole in your heart.

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