Tax Breaks and Privileges For The Rich Compliments Of President Obama

It was bad enough when we had the cash for clunkers program and subsidized the purchase of new cars with taxpayer money.  Then we gave tax incentives for the rich and privileged to buy hybrid, and alternative fuel automobiles.

The special subsidize to benefit the wealthy on the backs of the common man working every day to make ends meet for his family is nothing new.  The rich and powerful have long enjoyed special privileges.  Just look at the perks afforded federal office holders, congress members exempt from laws they enact, special parking at airports, and over the top health and retirement benefits.

Now the Obama administration crossed the line of decency to provide the rich with another special privilege, preferential parking in National Parks.  The average working family is not driving alternative fuel vehicles or dishing out big dollars for hybrid automobiles.   No those are toys of the rich and privileged and President Obama wants to provide them with another perk, special reserved parking in National Parks and Seashores. 

Limited parking may turn away a working family from a day at the beach but special reserved parking will be available for the drivers in a privileged class.  It was detestable when taxpayers subsidized the purchase of such vehicles but adding another special privilege is abhorrent.

Cape Cod National Seashore Special Parking

Cape Cod National Seashore Special Parking


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