Ground Hog Predicts More Than The Weather In Connecticut


Chuckles reports to Mayor Diana

Chuckles reports to Mayor Diana

Television, press and a mob of early morning raisers gather in Manchester this morning to hear the prognostication of future weather from Connecticut’s own official ground hog, Chuckles.  This annual tradition takes place at the Lutz Children’s Museum as the sun begins to rise.

Manchester Mayor Diana by virtue of his election is endowed with the ability to communicate with Chuckles and hence listens to Chuckles and makes the announcement.  The crowd went silent as the mayor leaned forward and listened intently to Chuckles.  Then the moment had arrived, ‘There will be six more weeks of winter,” but wait, the Mayor announced there was more to hear. The crowd hushed and the Mayor said, “Denver is looking good, in Super Bowl”

So there you have it straight from the Ground Hog, bundle up for six more weeks and go with Denver or was the Ground Hog only referring to the uniforms and demeanor?  We will have to wait to judge the accuracy but make no mistake Ground Hog Day is a fine tradition.



The official name of Chuckles is “Connecticut Chuckles VIII” she will be two years old on May 1st.  Chuckles is a full time resident at the Lutz Children’s Museum.  She was rescued when she was discovered injured and orphaned as a baby. Her doctor determined that she would not be able to survive in the wild, opening the door to a new career in meteorology.

Last year was her first prediction and she was right on target.  Now you can’t say that about all the other local weather predictors.


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