The Other Side Of Mother’s Day

The other day I saw a sign that said, “Thank your mom for the womb and board”. Well I thought, that sure wraps up the meaning of Mother’s Day in the style of a humorous tweet.

Although mothers have been honored throughout the centuries it has only been 100 years since Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in the United States. It has become a tradition day of honoring and recognizing the role of women as the nurturing force behind our families and our nation.

Mother’s Day has become the busiest day of the year for long-distance phone calls, and in some areas traffic advisories are issued due to heavy travel. Mother’s Day cards given to mom on Mother’s Day swell emotions within with the expressions of thanks and love and often bring a tear to mom’s eye.

Yes, to be sure every Mother knows what Mother’s Day is all about, for many there is the anticipation of hearing from children far away or seeing grandchildren as families gather to celebrate the day. But there is another side of Mother’s Day, a side that we often leave unnoticed, a side that has no smiles, no joy and opens wounds of emptiness in a heart.

For some the day is a reminder of hurt, of emptiness, of raw emotion, the phone does not ring, there are no flowers or cards but there is the pain of a scar re-opened. There will always be mothers that have lost their children but have their memories. For some mother’s it is a child lost to war, accident or disease, for others it is a deep hurt of abandonment.

Mother’s Day was supposed to be day of honor and celebration not a day of hurt, but for the mother that sits alone today there are no hugs, no smiles, no flowers or cards there is only the pain from an emotional scar, from an wound that never seems to heal. The phone will not ring, no loving voice will be heard, and this mother will sit alone today.

A mother that sacrificed and loved her children, they were the world to her has been abandon by her children, forgotten on this day. While the world around her celebrates, and she hears reminders of the day she is left alone to ponder what might have been, alone in her world of empty hope, but the phone will not ring and the flowers will never come.

Another family goes on about their business today, trying to forget the hurt, and the missing link, the empty chair, left behind when mom passed on. Yes they have some memories but on days like this those memories turn to a feeling of emptiness and loss, of something missing. There will be no trip to grandma’s house for she has been laid to rest. So while others shop for cards, order flowers, and gather in celebration this family has only a feeling of emptiness. They could go to the cemetery for a visit but that too brings raw emotions to the heart…… is not a day of happiness. It is the other side of Mother’s Day.


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