He was a soldier and a good man

He was a soldier and a good man

Tomorrow I will say good bye to a friend, it will not be easy, he was an inspiration, and he was an example for other men. Bob was a good man, giving, loyal and kind.

We met in the world of politics. Bob had his thoughts, ideas and opinions and every one was delivered with a smile. When the Republican Party needed a volunteer for most any task Bob would be stepping forward, ready, willing and able to serve. Bob was a good man, he always served with a smile.

In private moments we shared our thoughts about military service. Bob was proud of his military service and always supported those that served. If you knew Bob long you were also aware of the Nike missile and Bob’s experience. He was a soldier, he was a good man.

Bob never forgot the men that served, and he took an active role with the American Legion. The traditional Memorial Day parade in town had the mark of Bob’s organizational skills all over it. He was a proud solder and he was a good man.

If there was need in the neighborhood Bob was always willing to do his part. At one time or another over 35 years he served as their President, Secretary, Treasurer and even Tax Collector. Yes he was a smiling Tax Collector and he was a good man.

Bob had also served the Town of Coventry as a member of the Coventry HUD Home Rehabilitation Committee, the Coventry Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Board of Assessment Appeals. I recently spoke with Bob, knowing he was facing some difficult challenges. I asked about his participation on the Board of Assessment Appeals and another run for the office. I will never forget his answer, he was clear, he was determined and he was memorable when he said, “I want to serve”. Four little words that spoke so clearly to define the man, and he was a good man.

The last time we spoke, we sat alone, friends sharing some old stories and talked about challenges ahead. It was then I saw the tender side of my friend, raw with emotion he conveyed to me his undying love and appreciation for his wife, Bev. He told me about her loving care that had brought him through some tough times recently. It was another inspirational moment, another time when Bob’s words had more meaning than I think he even realized. He was a loving man, a friend and an inspiration, he was a good man.

Rest in Peace Bob Kramer you have served your fellow man well, you were a good man.


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