Courtney Fails To Deliver, Ann Brookes Is The Answer

Ann Brookes, Candidate for Congress

Ann Brookes, Candidate for Congress

My Congressman, Joe Courtney sent me an email telling me how Obamacare is saving money for people all across his district on healthcare.  Then I went to a Town Meeting and my local government leaders told me about my taxes going up due to the increases in health insurance for town employees due to requirements of Obamacare.

Gone was the smoke and mirrors, gone was political rhetoric of Congressman Courtney, the light of day was upon us and the financial facts were a stark reality,  Obamacare is costing every taxpayer more money.  It is an undeniable fact.

Joe Courtney has failed the 2nd District, his voice is an echo for the Progressive Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party.  Joe has taken the wrong road, a dirt road where the dust kicks up to cover his tracks and he disappears in a cloud of dust when it counts the most.  The fact is Connecticut can’t trust Joe Courtney to take the right road.

Congressman Courtney followed the political path of least resistance, guided by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, a path of poor economic policy that has given us the only American President in U. S. history who did not deliver a single year of economic growth over 3%.  When the people of the second district needed a shepherd, Joe was a sheep in a flock of misguided Democrats.

When we needed Joe, in the dark of night, he failed to read the bill, he failed to do the job.  Now he wants our votes and says he has the answer to fix the problem he created.  Well Joe, I have an answer too and her name is Ann Brookes.

Ann Brookes is a new political face with the experience and intellect to do the job right the first time.  Ann is an accomplished leader, she has created and executed economic recovery strategy both at home and aboard.  She has worked with world leaders on large scale projects and worked with folks like us when they needed assistance to deal with the burdens of government taxation.  Ann Brookes, gets the job done and done right the first time.  Unlike Joe, Ann Brookes will not have to go back to fix a law she voted for, Ann will do it right the first time, that’s the way Ann Brookes has always done the job.

Ann Brookes is proud to be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and understands our Constitution, Ann believes in the importance of that document.  She understands the important contributions immigrants have brought to this county, and she supports legal immigration.

Our economy, our security and our future are the driving motivations behind Ann Brookes running for Congress.  We need new economic policies and Ann, as a tax attorney understands the impact that changes will bring.  Our security depends on a strong military, secure borders and wise leadership in foreign affairs.  Ann Brookes will bring an intellectual level of excellence with reasoned judgement to Congress as a voice of the people in the 2nd district.  Ann will be an independent voice of the people not a pawn of the politically powerful.

The voters of the 2nd District have seen the failures of Joe Courtney as America is being taken down the wrong path on the issues of; national security, immigration, economic stability, healthcare, national debt, even our infrastructure is crumbling and our veterans are being ignored, enough is enough.

The good news is the solution for the voters of the 2nd District is easier to understand than Joe’s common core math.  The solution is a move back to the basics.  Getting rid of Joe Courtney is as easy as learning your ABC’s.

All you need to know is:  Ann Brookes, Congress



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11 responses to “Courtney Fails To Deliver, Ann Brookes Is The Answer

  1. Some questions that I would like to see answered…
    Will Ann hold to her promise to Not Primary Daria Novak if she is NOT Chosen as the nominee?
    Why is Ann jumping into the race so late in the game when there has been a candidate already running?
    With the current state of the world how does Ann’s experience as a Tax Attorney help or hurt as she will have to be dealing with Trade Issues & Treaties while in congress?
    What does she plan to do about the government overreach into our personal lives & states rights?
    Does she feel that the current push for Gun Control is Constitutional?
    Will she be willing to fight those people who are trying to push for gun control or would she be working with them?
    What are her positions on Security for Our Nation both Domestic & Abroad?
    What is her stance on the U.N. & it’s demands that we cowtow to their demands?

    • In regard to your question about Ann’s experience in dealing with Trade Issues and Treaties I would refer you to her experience providing business development consulting to foreign government representatives, specifically her experience in Portugal and in Iraq. She has first hand experience in the area of the middle east we read about on a daily basis. Ann is also a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment Rights. Ann’s ability and intellectual prowess makes her an ideal candidate to become the voice of the people in the 2nd District.

  2. Charles Catania


    It was good to see you the other night in Vernon. As you heard at the forum, Ann has a strong record on the Second Amendment, and she has even been endorsed by one of the leading voices on 2A Issues in CD-2, Chairman of the Enfield Board of Education, Tom Sirard. You may recall that Tom made national news after he opened his gun shop shortly after Sandy Hook, and he has been a tireless fighter against government overreach throughout his career.

    Over the past month, I have gotten to know Ann exceptionally well. She’s bright, determined, and has real integrity. Ann has pledged multiple times that she will not challenge Daria in a primary if she does not come out of the convention with a victory. I have every reason to believe she will stand by her promise. However, for the good of our party and the folks running down-ticket, it is my sincerest hope that Ann is successful on May 9th. If Ann is not our candidate in November, Joe Courtney will walk away with an easy victory and our candidates running for state senate and state representative will be punished by the voters, simply because their line is underneath that of a sub-par congressional candidate. Ann has raised more money in three weeks than her opponent has raised in over a year, and she has run a clean race, opting against the unfounded mudslinging and personal attacks to which her opponent has desperately resorted. While Daria has been attacking other Republicans, Ann Brookes has stuck to the issues.

    As a business owner who has been all over the second district, from Enfield to Groton, it is my belief that Ann’s sterling record fighting unfair government regulations, along with her history of success dealing with those in the highest levels of international governments, will prove to be critical components to highlighting Joe Courtney’s failures during his tenure in Congress.

    The fact is that Ann is, indeed, new to the race. To that, I’d respond by saying that I’m very grateful she stepped in. Because, while we did have a candidate who was “in the race,” that candidate has been unable to raise money and simply does not have the resources to beat Joe Courtney. Make no mistake, Daria is a very nice lady — when she isn’t violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment — but being a nice lady doesn’t translate into winning votes, as we have seen every time she has been on the primary ballot against another Republican. Republicans have never believed she was qualified to be the party’s standard bearer in November, and if they are forward thinking, which I believe they are, they will come to the same conclusion next Monday. The stakes have never been higher, and we need a candidate who doesn’t make mistakes. Ann is that person, and she will serve admirably as our next congresswoman.

    Please do come to the forum on Monday in East Lyme where Ann will again prove she is the best candidate to defeat Joe Courtney in November.

    ~Chuck Catania
    Vernon, Connecticut

    • Anonymous

      Facts: Fec report shows Ann has raised 2480.00 and loaned 8000.00 that is not an impressive amount. Can you tell much she has and from whom in PAC money?

  3. Bill Boylan, Middletown RTC, Editor Middletown Insider

    Daria has walked the walk and talked the talk for as long as I can remember, from the Reagan administration to the Madison RTC. Her resume is so extensive, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Ann may be a nice lady, but she has only been a member of the Republican Town Committee for about a month, and voting records show she misses about half the elections.

    • Bill, I respect your opinion but I can not agree with you.

      This election is not about the past, not about friendship, not about party politics, this election in the 2nd district is about the voice in Washington for the 2nd District. When you want your voice to be heard in Washington you want a person to articulate your position at the highest levels. We need to have a Representative that commands respect by their mere presence in the room and Ann Brookes can do just that.

      Frankly, when it comes time to face down the Democrats over a judicial activist Supreme Court appointment I want a Representative that can stand up, and eloquently present the best case of opposition. You may feel that “rubbing off a buffalo” in a campaign speech is cute or funny and maybe it is while sitting in a bar on a Friday night, but in the halls of Congress I want an intellectual heavy weight with experience to speak and negotiate for the 2nd District.

      Smoke and mirrors, clichés, and sound bites works well on Facebook and Twitter but when the discussion gets tough and the lights of the real media are on we need a proven professional. We are fortunate to have a choice of candidates in the 2nd District. In this case I believe the Republican Party and the people of the 2nd District will be best represented by Ann Brookes in Congress.

  4. Charles Catania


    Okay. Let’s talk about “walking the walk and talking the talk,” as you put it. Ann has been fighting for families and small businesses, mostly within the second congressional district for more than twenty years. Ann’s record, over the last six years, is not based on writing angry Facebook posts and running lackluster campaigns in a district where she has yet to garner name recognition, donor awareness, or even a place on the November ballot — all hallmarks of Daria’s record, of which you speak so highly. I say that not to be mean, as I do like Daria. She is a genuinely nice person… when she isn’t engaged in smearing her opposition with falsehoods. Rather, I say it to highlight the differences in this race. Ann’s record is real. She’s been fighting the IRS and against burdensome, job-killing regulations. She’s fought, in court rather than on social media, for the rights of gun owners. She’s a true champion of our American Dream.

    Unfortunately, it seems you must be using Daria’s “facts” and figures. I know this because they’re simply untrue. In fact, Ann is the only congressional candidate in CD-2 to earn her own Republican Town Committee’s endorsement, I believe. I was in Westbrook when Ann earned her town’s quite passionate endorsement, and that same town committee has vigorously come to Ann’s defense during Daria’s desperate and completely false smear campaign from last week.

    I’d like to close with this because it is pertinent: Those of us who live within the second congressional district know all too well what happens when we nominate a candidate with a penchant for speaking before thinking. It has hurt us in the not so distant past, damaging campaigns down-ticket in its wake. It would be a shame if we failed to learn from recent history.

    I look forward to a Republican candidate who will make headlines for her ideas and positions on policy rather than for inter-party mudslinging and plagiarism. Of course, Ann will take part in the candidate forum in East Lyme on Monday, where she will again prove she is the best and most credible candidate to take on Joe Courtney in November. It would be great to have you join us for the evening. I’m confident you’ll walk away knowing what those of us living and working in the second district already know: It’s as simple as ABC. Ann Brookes, Congress.

    Chuck Catania
    Vernon, Connecticut

    • Debbie Burress Meredith

      Chuck, I must say I find several of your comments confusing. And I realize as a media consultant , your paid to do a job for your client. However , If you could clear up just a few things up for me. Firstly, Referring specifically to the plagiarism from your previous comment. Which of course you know was proven to be false quite some time ago. Why would you bring that into a conversation, except to mud-sling. Now, Daria’s comments you mentioned previously were her opinion and I believe this is still the United States of America and free speach is still protected under the constitution. Unless Ann plans to remove that right from our citizens she should get used to hearing opinions. And if that’s upsetting to her, maybe politics aren’t an area in which she will be comfortable working. Honestly, if Ann were such a great candidate you wouldn’t need to bring froth false statements against her opposition. Secondly, How exactly has Ann served her community in the past? I realize you say she has represented families and businesses who have experienced
      legal problems from failure to pay taxes. However since that is what she is paid to do that really isn’t serving her community. Please give me valid examples of what she has done for Connecticut . How has she been active in local politics. Her voting record does speak for it’s self. So without mud slinging , and lies about Daria, Please tell me what experience or level of understand of government that Ann has that could make her compare to Daria. Because from where I sit you seem to be using negative comments against Daria in an attempt to make Ann’s limited abilities sound more impressive than they actually are! So what I want are Facts: please don’t just give me negative insults and lies about other candidates. I know if I go to Daria I’m going to get a proven track record .
      I don’t want abc’s or fluff, I want results , I want a person who will and has the ability and experience to do the job needed in congress.
      Thank you,

  5. Ray

    Trump or Cruz?

    Down ballot matters…

    It will tell me everything I need to know. if I know who Daria supports I also need to know who you support?

    • Ray, the presidential primary season is nearly over, our State has spoken and our Party will soon complete the process. Some of us still have a candidate of preference in the race and some do not, but what we should all have is a desire to win in November. Frankly it does not matter who Daria or Ann supported in the primary, it matters only how they will represent the 2nd District and support the views of the Republican Party. Now is the time to put behind the acrimony of a primary battle and coalesce behind a candidate that can articulate the views of the 2nd District in Washington. Ray I ask you to join me in supporting Ann for only one reason, I believe you want to have our best Republican voice in Washington and you want to win this election up and down the ticket and Ann Brookes is the best choice to accomplish that goal.

  6. FEC report shows 2480.00 raised and 8000.00 loaned , What aren’t you telling me? You made it sound like Ann has raised a significant amount of money over and above the amount Daria has raised and that again is UnTrue.
    Please explain this false statement!

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