The Opining Quill provides information, opinion, news, and commentary on life issues for our nation, our State of Connecticut and our Town of Coventry.  Topics will cover areas such as politics, family, education, environment, the economy and government.

The goal of the Opining Quill is to convey information and stimulate thoughts it is intended to be about the message and not about the messenger.  Entries on this site are for the purpose of conveying information and opinion and not about promoting the messenger, hence the name of the site.

The writer(s) are not posting for individual political posturing or self promotion.  The site is about ideas and opinions and not personalities hence authorship in general will not be posted.  The intent is to keep opinions and comments about the messages and not diverted to a discussion of the messenger.

The Opining Quill has and will continue to have statements of support for Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated political leaders when it is appropriate because the Opining Quill is about ideas and not about political parties or platforms.

The opinions of the Opining Quill will be written openly and honestly without reservation.

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One response to “About

  1. Dave Maitlen

    Great article about the life lessons learned at Pero’s. I too worked there in the late 1960’s and found you could have been speaking of my experience working with the King family.

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