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Neil Gorsuch Nomination A Supreme Issue

United States Supreme Court

The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to serve on the United States Supreme Court brings our nation to a fork in the road.  To the left, we have proponents of judicial activism, to the right we have constitutional originalists.  The road forward is currently under construction with unions of leadership keeping an eye on self-promotion and positioning for public opinion to enhance their personal goals.  The perils of politics are the real potholes in our path.

Our Constitution designates three branches of government.  The Legislative Branch has the responsibility to enact our laws, the Executive Branch is responsible to administers and enforce the laws.  The Judicial Branch is responsible to interpret the law as written.  The Executive and Legislative body are elected.  To provide a degree of checks and balances the Judicial Branch is nominated by the Executive Branch, and Appointed by the Legislative Branch.

This brings us back to our fork in the road where the originalists would favor a candidate that would attempt to interpret the words of the Constitution as they were understood at the time they were written.  Whereas the judicial activist would interpret the Constitution as a living document basing interpretation with consideration for personal or political considerations and climate of the day.

If the legislative branch is active and responsive to their constituents the laws that are written will not require judicial activism to interpret as they will directly reflect the will of the voters.  The originalist will only interpret the actual content of the legislative branch and concurrence would be common on Supreme Court.

Judicial activism is the result of those in the legislative branch failing to recognize their responsibility and abdicating their role to an appointed judiciary, often chosen with the intent to do what those elected have neither the courage or character to fight for or accomplish lest they jeopardize their own re-election. It only exists because of legislative cowardice by those lacking a profile of courage and character holding office.

The true change of direction our nation needs is found in those that support judicial activism from the Legislative Branch.  In Connecticut that means finding replacements for Senator Murphy and Blumenthal.  It means finding candidates willing to stand with courage to advocate for their constituents and not depending on a judicial activist to enact an agenda from the judicial bench.  Senators supporting Neil Gorsuch understand their role and responsibility something both Blumenthal and Murphy have yet to learn.


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It’s Time To Say Good-By

"He who transplanted sustains" takes on new meaning as GE leaves

“He who transplanted sustains” takes on new meaning as GE leaves

Hartford was a hub, New Haven a nucleus, and Waterbury the heart around which small towns grew and flourished. All were vibrant, dynamic and creative urban centers. All three were centers of wealth and commerce in their respective areas.


They all had something else in common, a political machine. Not a political machine dedicated to represent a unity of strength in diversity but rather digging a ditch of dichotomy. They saw the skylines change with raising glass. They could have joined with those within the rising spires with skyline visions to new horizons of opportunity, but their visions were not skyward.


The political machines took another road. They threw stones, not those of metamorphic beginnings but those founded by political heat and pressure. The growth could have been seen as opportunities for the common man, as incubators of opportunities encouraged to flourish and grow. The machine saw opposition and the potential of economic growth that would threaten their stranglehold on political power.


The political machines, saw the financial growth of economic opportunity as a storehouse of potential plunder waiting to be attacked like swag off a loading dock. The story was the same from places far away like Jersey City, and Newark to our cities of Connecticut. The rhetoric was repeated, the policies were duplicated, and the ditch of dichotomy had to be dredged to protect the machine.


The machine taxed and punished the job creators, they destroyed the dreams, and shattered the hopes. They shoveled their dirt, with the rhetoric of division, destruction and ruin, piling the mud along their ditch.


The opportunities left the cities, the people that remained were more dependent than ever on the hollow hopes of false promise from the political machine. The ditch of dichotomy has grown deeper as metamorphic stones of politics have piled higher buffered with political mudslinging from the city moat.


To preserve and expand their fiefdoms the political machine has moved to the halls of the State Capital. They have taken their ruinous reins of power and rhetoric of destructive dichotomy to new levels. They are leading our State down the path they have taken our cities.


To anyone that watched the slow destruction of our cities, and the loss of economic opportunities, the loss of GE was no surprise. History repeats itself. Connecticut is marching down the path following the same bandwagon that has led our cities from splendor to mere memories of what once was.


Remember when Hartford, was known as the insurance capital of the world, and we waved good-by to so many, history repeats itself. Today we wave good-by to GE, and history repeats itself. Voting for another Democratic machine candidate and hoping for a different result is folly, history repeats itself.


The leaders of industry and commerce are on the move and the lights of opportunity are leaving our state. We can change our direction now or we can kick the can down the road like the State unfunded pension problem. We can leave a legacy of darkness for our next generation or we can act.


It is time for a new light in leadership for Connecticut. It is time to make history, it is time to vote to turn Connecticut in a new direction, it is time to wave good-by to Malloy, Murphy, Blumenthal, Courtney, DeLauro, Wyman, Merrill and the rest of the machine.


Will you be part of the solution, will you help to defeat the machine? What path do you want for Connecticut, one of darkness or light? You can help to build the new path in your Republican Town Committee where plans are now underway for a better tomorrow.


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Trash Talking U. S. Senator Lacks Credibility

U. S. Senator Democrat Richard Blumenthal released the following statement in response to the recent power outage and the progress of electrical supplier, CL&P.  It is printed here complete and without editing:

“People are fed up with false reassurances that have shredded CL&P’s credibility and now defy credulity.  The company’s failure to adequately plan and prepare – and meet its own deadlines – has led to an historic breakdown of power and public trust.  Cascading recent failures are further evidence that a comprehensive federal investigation is urgently needed. Members of our congressional delegation are seeking such an investigation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  As I have traveled the state talking to public officials, emergency responders, homeowners, and business people, the consensus is clear: CL&P must be held accountable and fundamental changes made before the next storm strikes.”

Keep in mind this comes from a Senator elected to represent the people, guard our welfare, protect our nation, a man given the power to enact laws and control the federal budget.  The adoption of a full federal budget has missed numerous deadlines; the debt ceiling crisis of this past summer nearly crushed our economy because Senate lacked the will to take action.  While our social security, our mail, our Medicare, our job opportunities and economy are failing for lack of action our fine Senator is lecturing a company about their response to an unparalleled crisis caused by an act of God.

That’s it Senator Blumenthal has spoke putting in his two cents but because he has allowed the economy to plummet his trash talk isn’t even worth two cents.  Richard Blumenthal’s legacy as our past Attorney General was to attack every business at every opportunity to further his image.  He seems to have forgotten that he has a new job, with deadlines and he is failing time and again to meet those deadlines.

So permit the Opining Quill to take the words of Mr. Blumenthal and offer a rewritten press release to describe the actions of the United States Senate and our Senator the man elected to serve “we the people” as an elected official:

“People are fed up with false reassurances that have shredded the U. S. Senate’s credibility and now defy credulity.  The Senate’s failure to adequately plan and prepare – and meet its own deadlines – has led to an historic breakdown of power and public trust.  Cascading recent failures are further evidence that a comprehensive people’s investigation is urgently needed. Members of our congressional delegation are failing in their responsibilities and their political opponents must seek an investigation.  As I have traveled the state talking to public officials, emergency responders, homeowners, and business people, the consensus is clear: Senator Blumenthal and the rest of Congress must be held accountable and fundamental changes made at the next election.”

Senator Blumenthal needs to spend more time in Washington working for the people and less time walking around Connecticut looking for a photo opportunity, podium and microphone to trash talk.  He needs to clean up his act in Washington and “we the people” can handle CL&P, after that we can concentrate on finding a new Senator willing to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.



Crisis Management Electrifies Opinions And Creates An Odor

Opinions are like noses everyone has one.  Now that we are getting over the loss of electricity due to storm Irene we are hearing plenty of opinions.  We are also hearing cautions about scamming contractors ready to take advantage of the situation.

After every natural disaster there are always those that see an opportunity to somehow take advantage of the situation for their own benefit.  Unfortunately not all are caught and some are more devious than others.  Some, because of their position of trust build their own self image or enhance their careers.  Who would do that, you ask?  Politicians!

In Massachusetts where electricity is provided by NStar the chief executive officer, Tom May defended the company as State Legislators and Attorney General Democrat Martha Coakley quickly jumped on the opportunity to question the response of the company.  May said, This is probably the worst devastation that I’ve seen in 20 years”.   NStar was receiving more than 20,000 calls per hour when normally they would handle 600.

Joe Courtney Connecticut’s second district Congressman made headlines as he pushed for a faster response from CL&P.  When response was gaining momentum via out of state assistance Courtney said, “it absolutely should not have taken this long to happen”.  That from a man working in a Congress that has failed to pass a federal budget even when his party had the majority in both chambers.  What is taking so long, Mr. Courtney?

Lest we forget our Senator Blumenthal, he also has an opinion.  In a letter to the President of CL&P Mr. Blumenthal writes, “CL&P’s poor performance stands in stark contrast to Connecticut’s municipally owned utilities in the state which restored power to 98 percent of their customers by mid-day on Wednesday as well as to the experience of utilities in surrounding states.”  The municipally owned utilities are small entities with limited area to cover and are no unit of comparison for the massive job facing CL&P.

I wonder if the fine Senator understands the amount of time required to replace 2500 downed poles, that is not a quick fix?  Connecticut was not the only area hit by this storm and contract repair crews were called to other areas such as North Carolina.  In Massachusetts they are calling it lucky and saying if they had as many downed poles as Connecticut they could be working for a month to replace that number.  So Mr. Blumenthal it looks like the experience in surrounding states is not really much different.

CL&P has brought in repairs crews from all around the country.  The men and women of CL&P have been hit with a massive blow from Mother Nature.  The crews are working long hours and getting paid well to do a job.  In this case we are lucky it is not a job opportunity that comes by very often.

While there has been some delay in some areas and that is unfortunate it is reality that not all areas can be fixed first.  There must be some priorities and sometimes we must except we individually are not the number one priority.  That is a lesson in life and at times we all must learn to deal with it.

Yes, opinions are like noses but in this case one nose says the actions of Mr. Blumenthal and Mr. Courtney stinks.  It is the aroma self promotion for political gain and it is repugnant.  The reaction to this storm from CL&P and Governor Malloy have been exemplary and have served our State better than any recent actions from our federal government.

Mr. Courtney and Mr. Blumenthal would do well to return to Washington and leave our state matters to the Governor and legislators.  Our federal government is a mess and we deserve full time focus and representation in Washington.  We the people of Connecticut are capable of handling the home front without their voices of opportunity echoing in the background.

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Elections Bring a Change in Washington but No Change in Mr. Blumenthal

Last November the voters of Connecticut gave Richard Blumenthal a vote of confidence and elected him to the United States Senate.  His campaign repeated the slogan “you know me” over and over and it was related to his frequent lawsuits as the Connecticut Attorney General.

One newspaper, the New Times broke a story early in his campaign about Mr. Blumenthal’s representing he served in Vietnam.  Now that is old news and Mr. Blumenthal said he misspoke about eight times and regretted it happened.  Ok, the voters gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Now it seems he has either misspoke again or has a chronic problem remember where he has been.

During a press conference in Washington, D.C., Mr. Blumenthal told the assembled crowd and members of the press, “Since the days of Roe v. Wade, when I clerked for Justice Blackmun, as a state legislator, as attorney general, I have fought this battle.”  That sounds good but there seems to be a problem.

Mr. Blumenthal did not clerk for Justice Blackmun during the days of Roe v. Wade.  History tells us the Roe v Wade decision was handed down in 1973 and Mr. Blumenthal clerked for Justice Blackmun in 1974.  Oops, I guess he misspoke or doesn’t really remember what he was doing in 1973.

Oh well he is Mr. Blumenthal and as he says, “you know me”.  Yes Dick, we know you and now we again have confirmation of what we can expect from you.  I think you call it misspeak, but it would be better if we just got truth and honesty.  We will accept you for the work you really do if it is worthwhile, you don’t need to embellish the facts, if what you do is a good job.  Rest assured Dick, it’s ok we can handle the truth.

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Global warming has been a concern here at the North Pole but the elves have been busy and the sleigh is ready for the big trip on the 24th.  There are however a few other minor problems to iron out this year before my trip.

I am negotiating with Homeland Security and I’ve got to tell you life is not easy when it comes to dealing with your government.  First it’s the customs thing concerning a full inspection of the sleigh and all contents.  They tell me this could take days and I don’t have that kind of time to waste.

Next they start talking about some kind of full body pat down.  Now let me tell you, I don’t mind them rubbing my tummy, kids have been doing that for years, but I am not about to take off my boots.  They have no concept of how difficult it is for a man my size to do that.  Why Mrs. Claus has to help me putting them on and she is staying home keeping the fire burning.

That’s not the end of it either.  The Agriculture department is complaining about transportation of none native insects.  They want to comb my beard out and put my reindeer in quarantine.  Those people have no clue as to what that means to the children and my deliver system.  I can tell you, this will not be tolerated!

Then I get word from some organizations of Union Labor that says the teamsters are upset about me driving the sleigh because they are sympathetic to their brother coal miners.  It seems there is a new tariff on imported none union coal.  If they don’t back off they’ll be getting nothing but coal this year.

Have you heard of the Obama family?  They seem to do nothing but cause trouble.  Michelle wants to regulate the fat content in cookies!! Just who does she think she is?  Then there’s that Barack fellow, he wants to see my list of who’s been naughty and nice.  I told him he’ll see my list when I see his birth certificate, which seems to have shut him up.

Now one last thing just who are these PETA people?  They tell me they have issues with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and all the other reindeer pulling the sleigh.  Let me tell you what I told them, “You may have issues but I have no subscriptions”.  I never heard of anything more ridiculous.

Connecticut was the only state that gave me a headache in my trip planning.  That Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wanted to hit me with a lawsuit over the safety features on the sleigh.  I told him “that sleigh was inspected by the 1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam during 1967; sorry you weren’t there to see it”.  He dropped the suit.

Well that’s it.  I feel confident all things will be ironed out in time to leave.  I should be arriving in Connecticut during the early morning hours of the 25th.

I will be coming to your house so please leave out some cookies and a nice big glass of chocolate milk.  Merry Christmas………


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After a rally in New Haven on October 6th Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal said he supports union labor’s request for Congress to pass “card-check neutrality”.  If passed it would enable union organizers to get new union locals certified by gathering a set number of signatures and eliminate the secret ballot.

The history of labor unions is wrought with stories of strong arm tactics and intimidation.  If Mr. Blumenthal is successful in his bid to become the next Senator from Connecticut who will fight for the workers right to the secret ballot.  Mr. Blumenthal is willing to sell out a worker’s right to one of the fundamental tenets of democracy, the secret ballot.

Mr. Blumenthal likes to say he is fighting for you against special interest but in this case if you are not a union member he is fighting against you and your right to a secret ballot.  It is obvious Mr. Blumenthal has a special interest in mind on this issue.

In fact it is so obvious even the newly elected union president of the Federation of University Workers, representing Yale office workers Laurie Kennington said, “This is not just a politician.  He is one of us”.  Yes, Dick Blumenthal has even taken a side in a labor dispute by walking a picket line with Kennington’s workers.  Can we trust Dick Blumenthal to fairly represent all of us or will he revert to siding with his special interest supporters to maintain a political base of support?

Connecticut needs a Senator that is not controlled or beholding to any special interest group and that includes union labor.  When any politician does not see their job as representing all of the people equally we as a society have an obligation to oppose their quest for office.  Attacking business is a key campaign strategy of Richard Blumenthal and that is problematic.

Government produces nothing and depends on a strong economy with strong companies to provide jobs and economic opportunities.  Attacking businesses and industries is pure politics as negative and destructive as any other activity that emphasizes and fosters disrespect among cultures or people.

The current culture of attacking political opponents in a negative fashion for their business experience is wrong, just as it would be wrong to attack a person of experience limited to public service in government.  The candidates did not reach the levels they have and become candidates for high office by being incompetent, nasty and negative.

Mr. Blumenthal has served in office for a long time and should be able to identify a special interest group and he should have the ability to admit his allegiance to union labor.  It will be up to the voters to decide if they are willing to elect a person beholden to a special interest group such as Mr. Blumenthal or turn to a new face such as Linda McMahon who has funded her own campaign and holds no card of debt to any group.

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