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Beleaguered Connecticut Taxpayers Saddled with More Debt To Subsidize The Rich and Business

Governor Dan Malloy

Governor Dan Malloy

Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced new state spending that will add an additional $2.7 million in debt on to the backs of Connecticut’s middleclass taxpayers.  After crushing families with the two highest tax increases in Connecticut history ol’ Danny boy has found another way to spend the taxpayer’s hard earned dollars to subsidize big business and luxury automobile buyers.

While the average Connecticut family struggles to stretch their family budget and pay an ever-increasing burden of taxes.  Dan Malloy finds it necessary to give away up to $5,000 to buyers of fuel cell power vehicles, which is not something found on the average family shopping list.  No this is tax money used to subsidize the wants of rich.

In a statement issued by the Governor he said this will “support local retailers by helping lower the price of electric vehicles, making them more competitive”.  Really Governor, is that the best use for taxpayer dollars?  Does the average family need to support local car dealers to insure they make a profit selling cars?

While the legislature is facing a 1.3-BILLION-dollar deficit in the next budget season apparently, Governor Malloy feels it is necessary to give away taxpayer’s hard earned money to those that can afford NEW CARS!!!  Remember this is your money, paid to the state in good faith that it will be spent wisely.

So, what does the Democratic Majority leadership in the State Legislature have to say about this squandering of tax dollars?  Nothing! Their silence is deafening.  They are only talking about new tolls on highways, new sources of revenue and cuts to cities and towns that will require the local government to raise taxes to fund local requirements for State mandates.

This is not the first-time Dan Malloy has fleeced the taxpayers in this fashion.  The Governor was somewhat bragging over his success when he said, “Since the start of the program in May 2015, more than $2 million has been issued in rebates or reserved for the purchase or lease of 960 electric vehicles in Connecticut”.

This subsidy has been one of the shovels digging Connecticut taxpayers into an ever-deeper hole of debt and this round of subsidies is more of the same.  When will we learn to stop digging?  When will we learn that when you cannot afford what you already have it is time to stop new spending?  This is not an investment for our future this is insanity in the present, this is irresponsible and objectionable.  This is detrimental to every taxpayer and family in Connecticut.  Simple put this is unacceptable.



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A Moral Dilemma

IMG_8727-1Try to place yourself in this situation and decide as the story unfolds just what you are thinking by asking yourself some questions. What is the right thing to do, am I making the morally correct decision and what should the consequence be for my actions?

You work for a large company, and you are in charge of a rather large department. Each year your boss asks you to put together a budget to run your department. You know there are things you need and some extras you would like, so you put a few extras in your request.

After the boss reviews and edits your budget it is given to you as approved and you are expected to run the department based on the budget. It is up to you to lead and direct spending in line with the budget as approved. Sometimes you get lucky and things come in under budget and sometimes well things go a little off the expected line and you go over a bit.

You know it is not your money to spend as you wish, but you did create the budget, got it approved based on priorities and expectations. Can and should you overspend in some areas knowing you have enough in other areas or should you get approval from the boss or financial department to transfer the extra money to cover the over spending first?

Now just a month or so before the end of the budget year you discover you have a windfall of extra money you have not yet spent in your budget. What is the right thing to do? (A) Should you let the money stay in the account and show a surplus at the end of the year, after all it is not your money and you know it should go back to the boss? (B) Spend the money on items you put into the next year budget knowing if you do that you are creating a surplus next year because you will have already procured the items in the budget or should the financial department or boss make that decision? (C) Spend the extra money this year on items not in the budget for next year but things that you think would be good to get now even if the boss did not have them presented in a budget?

If you were the boss how would you react to each of the choices above? If there was a surplus should it have been spent, or should the money go back to the boss and let the boss or financial department decide what should be done with the money? Would you be a happy boss if were a quarter million dollars spent?

Ok now that you have given that some thought exchange the parties, let the boss be the taxpayers, you are the Board of Education and the financial department is the Town Council. The above scenario is very real.

Last spring the Coventry Board of Education had a surplus, instead of returning the money to the taxpayers by having a surplus at the end of the year they spent the money. They purchased some computers that were in the next year budget and some that were not yet approved within a budget as a current need. The rest was also allocated. The original surplus seems to have been in excess of $250,000. The Town Council is asking questions………..The Board of Education is asking for more money.




The brightest future for our towns, cities, states and indeed our nation is found within the Republican Party.  While the Republican Party is diverse in thoughts and opinions there is a common thread of values founded in the strength of the individual and the responsibilities we each hold as citizens and neighbors.

Make no mistake there are fringe elements in both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  The fringe road to the liberal left or the conservative right are not the paths to follow.  Both are narrow paths of division and intolerance.

The strength of our nation is found in the roots of our being.  We are a melting pot of cultures, beliefs and opinions.  The founding fathers understood the strength found in unification, walking not a narrow path but a wide path of inclusion and protection for an individual’s thoughts, beliefs and responsibilities.

Found in our Constitution and Bill of Rights are protections for individuals of diverse opinion.  The founding fathers recognized the need for limits on government.  They included restrictions with a system of checks and balances designed to insure the preservation of the inalienable rights of the citizens.

Today, too many folks look to government as our strength and not to the individual citizens. Today we find leaders willing to divide our citizens into special interest groups each with their hand out for government support.  Pandering politicians picking the pockets of taxpayers to pad a base of support is no way to run government.  Our goal should be to unify and build together a stronger foundation to support a better future.

The solution for inefficient government is not found in a coalition of special interests.  The special interests are the root of the problem, not the solution.  The solution is found within each of us as individuals, the solution is found in our commonality, our responsibilities and our own efforts.

The very foundation of the Republican Party has always been built on the belief in the strength of the individual over government.  This is why the best road for our future is found within the Republican Party.  It is found in the grounded thinking of pragmatic conservatives.  They provide a bonding commonality based on practical and reasonable logic with which to set policy.

If we are to prosper as a community or nation we can no longer embrace tax and spend government digging us deeper in debt, and reallocating our money for their special interest spending.  It is time to endorse and elect logical, realistic and reasonable thinkers.  Reasonable budgets are like household budgets they must be constructed with common sense, leaders must be pragmatic.  Their budgets should have limits just as your household has limits after all it really is your money.

It is time to elect pragmatic conservatives to serve in government.  It is time for a realistic approach to spending.  We need a common sense practical approach, our budgets should be based on logical rational facts.  The time for budgets based on intentions, hopes and dreams is past it was the wrong road.  It is time for pragmatic conservative Republicans.

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Coventry Spending, Government Perk Or Necessary Priority

It is always nice to see enhancements to the infrastructure within our community.  Projects that enhance the overall quality of life, paid for by the taxpaying hardworking folks that toil and share their income for the benefit of all of us.

It is through their contributions we have quality schools, a superior police department and well maintained roads.  So you may wonder what priorities the Town Council had for spending in the past few months.  What is an example of an infrastructure improvement that will add to our quality of life paid for with public money?

Maybe the better question to ask would be do we really need the project, is it the best use of taxpayer dollars, and are there no other projects of a higher priority?  Remember it does not matter what the source of the money is, if it is paid with tax dollars, you paid for it.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the growing privileges of being in the “government class”.  We have seen our leaders in Washington carve out special exemptions and privileges for themselves and their staffs.  Our Connecticut elected federal officials even have special reserved parking set aside for them at Bradley Airport.  Is that a special perk for the “government class”, we leave that for you to decide.

If Coventry established special parking and special services for our staff would that be our number one priority for public money spent for the good of our community or would that just be an example of special preferences for the “government class”?  We all have our priorities; we all have a family budget part of which is set aside for supporting our government with tax dollars.  We all depend on our elected leaders to spend our money wisely, but we will not all agree on what the priorities should be.

Below are pictures taken in the parking lot of the Coventry Town Hall.  What you see is the recently purchased auto and electric charging station for use by local government.  The automobile is registered to the Town of Coventry and assigned for use to the Town Manager, John Elsesser.

Therefore it is up to each of us to decide if this electrically powered car and charging station was the best and highest priority for our government on which to spend our taxes wisely.  How many charging stations are installed in local homes, is this a common item for Coventry residents?  Is this a special perk for the “government class” or a necessary expense for the benefit of our community as a whole?

Auto registered to the Town of Coventy

Auto registered to the Town of Coventry

Automobile charging at new Coventry charging station at Town Hall.

Automobile charging at new Coventry charging station at Town Hall.



Fooling The People, It’s A Government Job


When it comes to the Connecticut State Budget it does not matter which party the Governor is a member of if, the majority in the General Assembly can override any budget veto.  What really matters is the financial views and the political courage of the elected members of the General Assembly.

Unfortunately for two long under both Republican and Democratic Governors we have had too many members of the legislature that were either ignorant of economic reality or woefully short of character and courage to act responsibly.  Instead of dealing with a budget under generally accepted accounting practices they have turned to gimmickry with smoke and mirrors.  They have kicked the can of responsibility down the path to our future and they have gotten away with it. 

The people have been placated, with words of assurance as the financial foundation of our State has eroded and with it our employment opportunities.  The spinning of numbers and facts has confused and confounded the average voter into a false sense of security.

Today State officials tell us the job market is improving.  Should we believe it?  History is a great teacher.  In the past they told us the budgets were balanced while all the while the budgets were wrought with gimmicks and reflected more a fictional best seller than a truly accountable budget.

It is a fact that the unemployment rate in Connecticut has come down BUT and that is a big but, but it is not the end of the factual story.  There needs to be a more complete disclosure of facts so that we understand the real situation.

According to Connecticut labor statistics from March of 2011 through April 2013 the number of people working has continually decreased with Connecticut losing over 36,000 jobs.   There are now 67,700 less people working or looking for work than there were in May of 2010.  Some people have just given up looking for work, some have left the state, and some have retired without their positions being filled.

Lower unemployment should mean more employment opportunities but that is not always the case.  When you employ the smoke and mirror lessons of budgeting to unemployment numbers you hiding lost opportunities and denying reality. 

Doing business the same way we have done in the past and expecting different results is lunacy.  Kicking the can of responsibility forward will only continue to lessen opportunities and bring us closer to financial hardship.  It is time to make a change in the political balance of the General Assembly.

Being elected to the General Assembly is a government job but fooling the people should never be part of the job description.  It is time for a major change in Connecticut.  It is time to remove the agents of trickery, deception and gimmicks from office. 

It is time that Connecticut voters elected a legislature that more closely reflects the diverse opinions of our State.  A legislature constituted with a diversity of opinion that would provide for more open discussion, compromise and checks and balances.

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Mr. President, Can You Answer Some Questions?

PresidentBarack Obama

Barack Obama

Last night the American people listened to the President give his State Of The Union address before a joint session of Congress.  There is no doubt of his ability to deliver a message, but as is often the case this message left much to be asked from our President.

Here’s what he said, “Over the last few years, both parties have worked together to reduce the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion – mostly through spending cuts, but also by raising tax rates on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. As a result, we are more than halfway towards the goal of $4 trillion in deficit reduction that economists say we need to stabilize our finances.”  Now I have a question for the President.

If the government has been so successful in reducing our deficit why are you asking for an increase in the debt ceiling?  If what you say is true, and we owe less, then we should have no need to increase the amount we need to borrow.

Here’s more of what the President had to say, “Let’s agree, right here, right now, to keep the people’s government open, pay our bills on time, and always uphold the full faith and credit of the United States of America.”    Mr. President, didn’t you just say we have reduced out deficit?  All across America households know that when we reduce the amount our households owe it means we are using the money we have after essential spending to pay off our debt, and our debt goes down.  How is it that in your budget the debt goes up?

Why are you worried about paying our bills on time Mr. President if you have already shown by the massive amount of debt reduction coming from the excess money you have to allocate after essentials that it is possible to reduce debt?  I am having trouble believing your first statement in light of your next statement.  Your line of thinking Mr. President is just not logical economics, are you using smoke and mirrors in presenting the economic facts of our nation.

You also said, “Tonight, I propose a “Fix-It-First” program to put people to work as soon as possible on our most urgent repairs”.  This sure sounds like the “shovel ready” jobs program of your first term, so I have to ask some questions.  Do you think it worked well the first time?  Remember when you said that it would prevent unemployment from going over 8%?  Oh and if it was so successful why did the economy and jobs situation continue downward and why are you not counting the long-term unemployed in your unemployment numbers now?  Doesn’t that give a false sense of job creation and employment progress to the American people?

The President did provide a strong call to action in his closing crescendo calling for action, “Gabby Giffords deserves a vote. The families of Newtown deserve a vote. The families of Aurora deserve a vote.”  Yes Mr. President all Americans deserve a vote, a vote on the federal budget.  We saw a budget passed in the House but Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has not allowed a budget vote in four years.  Why Mr. President have you been so silent in calling for a vote on a basic element of good money management for the American people?  Can we at the very least get a budget we have waited over four years for before we move on to gun issues?

Well there is something that the President said that was clear and needs no question.  He was on target when he delivered the line, “what makes you a man isn’t the ability to conceive a child; it’s having the courage to raise one.”

Just one more thought, to be an economic leader it isn’t the ability to conceive a budget, it’s having the courage to pass one.  The President’s last proposed budget was voted down unanimously in the House of Representatives.

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We Shall Have No King Above The Law

king_obama1Before there was a United States of America there was belief in the rights of the individual and the source from which these rights were derived.  It was Thomas Jefferson that so eloquently and succinctly wrote our Declaration of Independence and penned the phrase, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator.”

Within those words is the understanding that no person in this land shall be above the law, indeed we shall have no king.  The power of government as later defined in our Constitution shall be found within the common man, in the power of his vote.  The authority and power of government shall come from the people and be granted to representatives of the people.

Recognizing the frailties and imperfections of mankind our founding fathers divided our government into three separate and equal branches of government providing a balance of power to check limitations on each other.  We shall have no king and no one shall be above the law.

Hence it is troubling and quite frankly dangerous when any branch of government acts beyond their limitations.  More importantly, when it occurs and is left unchecked it becomes an assault and erosion to the very basic concepts upon which our nation was founded.  When the transgression derives from the executive branch we move toward the powers of a king and the elevation of a President above the law.

Words have meanings, and our code of law is clear in most regards.  When questions of law arise we have a system and authority within the judicial branch of government to act as interpreter and enforcer.

By law the President of the United States must send the United States Congress a budget by the first Monday in February.  That will not happen this year.  Once again our President has notified Congress he will not comply with the law.  This is not unusual for this President he has done it before.

President Obama has missed the budget deadline more than any president since the 1920s. His first budget was delayed until May, and the last two budgets were late but came in February.  The annual budget is intended to start a congressional budget process, but under the Obama administration we have not seen a budget resolution passed since 2009.  Hence we now have no useable baseline from past approved budgets.

If the President’s budget is delayed the Congress is denied an understanding of spending and possible budget cuts being proposed by the President.  This is unacceptable at a time when our nation faces a financial crisis as we edge toward exceeding our national debt ceiling.  Our President is playing politics while compounding our problems, and breaking the law.  The President may want to avoid delivering his budget for political purposes but he is harming our financial future and acting above the law.  Barack Obama is President he is not a king.

The failure of any President to act in his execution of the duties of the office should not be a partisan issue it should be the duty of every member of Congress to demand and ensure our President acts within the law.  Every member of Congress is an elected representative of the people and not a pawn of a king.  It is the responsibility for every Senator and Congressman to put aside political affiliations, personal bias and career considerations to ensure compliance with the rule of law.  We shall have no king.

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