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The Commonality of Desire and Death

You can be young or old, rich, or poor, famous or unknown, but at some point, death will take us all.  For some it will be sudden, for others, there will be some time to face the inevitable knowing the end is near.

The older one gets the more life experience brings life into focus.  Our individual experience provides opportunity to observe and learn from those that have gone before us.  Life has many variables but one constant; as each day passes we are all one day closer to our last day.

There is some real-life commonality in the way humanity most often faces their ultimate demise.  Fear is not common except perhaps in Hollywood films, what is common is peace and acceptance, knowing the end is near.

The intensity of peace and acceptance comes from a satisfaction of our desires that have a commonality within all of us.  The desire for forgiveness, immortality and meaning are the common aspirations that when satisfied give us a calming peace, and acceptance that is often mistakenly perceived by others as a strength and courage in the face of death.

Perfection is not a trait of humanity, hence the desire to look for forgiveness for our foibles, misjudgments, and misdeeds as our life fades away.  The truth is, forgiveness serves both the giver and the receiver.  A powerful gift treasured by those receiving it and a lifting of a burden formerly carried forth by the giver.

Watching as the angel of death nears is an experience not forgotten, equally it is important to let the person at death’s door know you will remember them, that they will never be forgotten.  It is a basic desire within each of us to be remembered, to have immortality in the memory of those we leave behind.

For some there is great accomplishment and recognition in life, for others, life seems to pass without notice.  Yet every person contributes to the world around them in some way.  There are many people providing the inspiration of angels going unnoticed among us.  Their lives will never be chronicled in the movies, honored with a plaque, or even acknowledged with a simple note of thanks.  In the end, all they really desire is to know their life had meaning, that they had worth, that they will be remembered and forgiven for their failures.

The greatest gift we can deliver is the gift of love, understanding and forgiveness to others, the same gift we will one day crave to give us peace and calm as we pass from this life.  If one is to follow the teachings found in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 7:12 we can comfort the dying and find a comforting peace within ourselves with our own actions.


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A “Right To Die” A Time To Think

There is active discussion relevant to proposing a “right to die” bill in the Connecticut State Legislature.  Euthanasia, is illegal in all states in large part due to the fact a lethal medication would be administered by a person other than the person exercising their own right to die, however, physician assisted suicide is legal in Washington and Oregon.

Patient suicide requests for physician assistance are strictly constrained with limitations of law.  The patient must be diagnosed with a terminal illness, be of sound mind (some would argue that the desire to commit suicide is an indication of a troubled mind not capable of a sound decision).  The evaluation and judgment of a sound mind is left in the hands of a doctor and other witnesses.

End-of-life issues can be a complex issue of ethics, compassion and rationalization.  Is early termination of life, assisted or administered, really an act of compassion motivated by a sense of humanity and mercy or are we crossing a line in a conspiracy leading to death of another human being?

One must ask if the fuel for the fire in moving forward to authorize State sanctioned suicide is motivated by compassion or fear.  Is the basic inspiration for action driven by an anxiety concerning our own lives and expectations of our demise?  Are we acting to provide ourselves with an option due to our own inherent fears of potential suffering and death and rationalizing our desire for legalized suicide couched in compassion?

Are we further breaking down the long held moral fiber of a society founded in teachings of ethical behavior and conduct that has honored and protected human life?  Is this a road that that could be leading us to other unexpected interpretations and consequences in the future?  Will one day the burden of care for the ill and infirmed be considered a disability to the living?  Will the “right to die” become a “duty to die” rationalized by the living to preserve and protect their “right to live” as an individual unfettered from the burden of others?

We must recognize and understand for some people, suicide of any kind is a moral issue defined by religious belief.  Equally we must recognize that not all people have the same beliefs or views on life.  While the difference may be profound it should not overwhelm our ability to legislate what should be our safeguards for society.

Considerable thought should be rendered as to the impact on the basic foundations of society when we consider an issue of this magnitude.  The erosion of the moral values of any society will one day lead to the demise not to the individuals but to a way on life.

Your decision to support or oppose suicide will be based on your own views, experience and beliefs.  It is not the intent here to take a position or to encourage you to support or oppose any proposed legislation the intent here is stimulate some thought on the issue.

One day this issue will be before our courts and a determination will be required as to the constitutionality of such legislation.   If our courts indeed find our constitution recognizes a “right to die” as a basic human right will they also recognize within the document a “right to live” as a basic human right?

Many of our past court interpretations of law were a reflection of the current moral thinking in our society.   Like the tide along the shore the erosion and deposition can be as slow as the changes in our moral thinking, ever moving and changing in time.



I Promise To Make You Think

This will take a few minutes of your time but I promise what is presented will make you think and maybe change your view of life.  Some people will be uncomfortable, some will be offended, some will find hope, some will find inspiration but no one will forget what you are about to read and hear together.

Before you start I only ask that you commit to finish and then consider the impact of one upon the other.  You may have feelings of anger, compassion even love or you may have confusion and self-doubt but you will be moved to think.

There is no politics here, there is no agenda but there is an opportunity to look within yourself to feel emotion, and maybe agreement or dissent but you will not turn off your computer without thinking about yourself.  The question of what might have been in the past or what could be in the future will cross you mind.

Listen first to this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xwCG0Ey2Mg

Now read this:  http://tiny.cc/wjgti

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