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Beleaguered Connecticut Taxpayers Saddled with More Debt To Subsidize The Rich and Business

Governor Dan Malloy

Governor Dan Malloy

Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced new state spending that will add an additional $2.7 million in debt on to the backs of Connecticut’s middleclass taxpayers.  After crushing families with the two highest tax increases in Connecticut history ol’ Danny boy has found another way to spend the taxpayer’s hard earned dollars to subsidize big business and luxury automobile buyers.

While the average Connecticut family struggles to stretch their family budget and pay an ever-increasing burden of taxes.  Dan Malloy finds it necessary to give away up to $5,000 to buyers of fuel cell power vehicles, which is not something found on the average family shopping list.  No this is tax money used to subsidize the wants of rich.

In a statement issued by the Governor he said this will “support local retailers by helping lower the price of electric vehicles, making them more competitive”.  Really Governor, is that the best use for taxpayer dollars?  Does the average family need to support local car dealers to insure they make a profit selling cars?

While the legislature is facing a 1.3-BILLION-dollar deficit in the next budget season apparently, Governor Malloy feels it is necessary to give away taxpayer’s hard earned money to those that can afford NEW CARS!!!  Remember this is your money, paid to the state in good faith that it will be spent wisely.

So, what does the Democratic Majority leadership in the State Legislature have to say about this squandering of tax dollars?  Nothing! Their silence is deafening.  They are only talking about new tolls on highways, new sources of revenue and cuts to cities and towns that will require the local government to raise taxes to fund local requirements for State mandates.

This is not the first-time Dan Malloy has fleeced the taxpayers in this fashion.  The Governor was somewhat bragging over his success when he said, “Since the start of the program in May 2015, more than $2 million has been issued in rebates or reserved for the purchase or lease of 960 electric vehicles in Connecticut”.

This subsidy has been one of the shovels digging Connecticut taxpayers into an ever-deeper hole of debt and this round of subsidies is more of the same.  When will we learn to stop digging?  When will we learn that when you cannot afford what you already have it is time to stop new spending?  This is not an investment for our future this is insanity in the present, this is irresponsible and objectionable.  This is detrimental to every taxpayer and family in Connecticut.  Simple put this is unacceptable.



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Iphone shots 022-1It all started with an image, some promises, and dreams of better days. All it took was a wisp of creative imagination, some smoke and mirrors, a few false promises and a willing populous, ready to float like clouds through dreamland with the winds of hope and change upon their back.

What voters got was more like a wobbly three legged wooden stool. Dan Malloy as Governor, Brendan Sharky as Speaker of the House and Martin Looney as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

Their first order of business was to deliver to the taxpayer’s of Connecticut the largest tax increase in Connecticut. Not exactly what the people were told was going to happen or what they thought they voted for, but facts don’t always match political promises.

Their second order of business was the recent creation of the second largest tax increase in Connecticut history. This coming within 6 months of Dan Malloy telling the taxpayers he made the hard choices, fixed the budget and would not be raising their taxes. Poof, the promises went up in smoke.

Where there is smoke there is fire. Today there is a firestorm of negative reaction rocking the foundations of employment and family finances across Connecticut. The legs of the wooden stool are feeling the heat of flames.

Time to fix the problem? No, remember these are tax and spend Democrats. It is time to reach for the taxpayer’s wallet to purchase fire protection for the wobbly wooden stool instead of protection for the people.

Last week the House Democratic caucus hired the Hartford public relations firm of McDowell and Jewett Communications to review their public relations operation. Of course this will be paid for with taxpayer’s dollars, after all it is time for local elections and the Democrats will need all the smoke, mirrors and Vaseline they can find to slide by the voters in this election cycle.

The funds will come from a budget provided to each legislative party caucus to hire, a legal team, legislative assistants and communications staff, functions normally associated with doing the work of the people. This reviewing of the public relations operations, is more akin to a study of how to put out the fire that threatens the wobbly stool for the tax and spend Democratic caucus.

For many taxpayers and their families the burden of increase government spending is a growing concern. This fall many communities will have a choice, more tax and spend or a new policy, a financial path followed like your family budget with restraint, reason and common sense.

We will all choose our seats. You can take your chances on another tax and spend wobbly wooden stool or a solid Republican oaken bench, you can sit on the sidelines or you can get in the game by taking the time to vote. The decision is yours.

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Fooling The People, It’s A Government Job


When it comes to the Connecticut State Budget it does not matter which party the Governor is a member of if, the majority in the General Assembly can override any budget veto.  What really matters is the financial views and the political courage of the elected members of the General Assembly.

Unfortunately for two long under both Republican and Democratic Governors we have had too many members of the legislature that were either ignorant of economic reality or woefully short of character and courage to act responsibly.  Instead of dealing with a budget under generally accepted accounting practices they have turned to gimmickry with smoke and mirrors.  They have kicked the can of responsibility down the path to our future and they have gotten away with it. 

The people have been placated, with words of assurance as the financial foundation of our State has eroded and with it our employment opportunities.  The spinning of numbers and facts has confused and confounded the average voter into a false sense of security.

Today State officials tell us the job market is improving.  Should we believe it?  History is a great teacher.  In the past they told us the budgets were balanced while all the while the budgets were wrought with gimmicks and reflected more a fictional best seller than a truly accountable budget.

It is a fact that the unemployment rate in Connecticut has come down BUT and that is a big but, but it is not the end of the factual story.  There needs to be a more complete disclosure of facts so that we understand the real situation.

According to Connecticut labor statistics from March of 2011 through April 2013 the number of people working has continually decreased with Connecticut losing over 36,000 jobs.   There are now 67,700 less people working or looking for work than there were in May of 2010.  Some people have just given up looking for work, some have left the state, and some have retired without their positions being filled.

Lower unemployment should mean more employment opportunities but that is not always the case.  When you employ the smoke and mirror lessons of budgeting to unemployment numbers you hiding lost opportunities and denying reality. 

Doing business the same way we have done in the past and expecting different results is lunacy.  Kicking the can of responsibility forward will only continue to lessen opportunities and bring us closer to financial hardship.  It is time to make a change in the political balance of the General Assembly.

Being elected to the General Assembly is a government job but fooling the people should never be part of the job description.  It is time for a major change in Connecticut.  It is time to remove the agents of trickery, deception and gimmicks from office. 

It is time that Connecticut voters elected a legislature that more closely reflects the diverse opinions of our State.  A legislature constituted with a diversity of opinion that would provide for more open discussion, compromise and checks and balances.

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Connecticut Governor Posed In Embarrassing Picture


Remember when you used to look at the kid’s page in the newspaper and there would be a picture puzzle and the question would be what is wrong with this picture?  Well this is a picture released by Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy to announce, celebrate and commemorate the UCONN Women’s National Championship Basketball Team visiting his office.

Is there something wrong with the picture or is there something else wrong in the Governor’s office?

For starters the lamp that normally would be on the desk is on the floor and the Governor’s chair found on the right is perfectly set for gazing into outer space out the window.  Note, if the governor actually sat at the desk as it is set up all the doors and drawers of the desk would be facing the visitors to his office and not accessible to him.  On the other hand if he sits on the side of the desk with the drawers his back is to the door and his writing area is blocked by other items on the desk. 

It is obvious to even the casual observer Governor Malloy has done little or no work with this desk set up.  Is there any wonder why the Connecticut state budget and economy are in such a shamble?  

Here is some advice to the Governor:  Turn the desk around, put the chair at the desk so you can work, pick up the lamp so you can see what is happening and put note in the drawer that says debit to the left, credit to the right.

Oh there is one more item for the Governor to consider, OSHA and the State Fire Marshal would never approve of the lamp cord running across the direct path of foot placement.  It’s time for the Governor to get his act together, the State is in a financial malaise and there is work to be done.  The voters must consider we have a man in the office that can’t even set up his desk to work.   Sad isn’t it?



Governor Treed By Protesters Supporting Christmas

When hunting it is not uncommon to tree your prey, but it is uncommon for a Governor to be treed by protesters as appears to be the case in Rhode Island.  In the little State of Rhode Island there is big controversy as the Governor cowered and caved in the wake of a protest last year over the lighting of a “Holiday Tree” in the State House.

Protesters interrupted the program last year breaking out into song with a rendition of “O Christmas Tree”.  What can be so wrong with a song?  It seems the Independent Governor Lincoln Chafee refused to call the traditional tree a “Christmas Tree” instead referring to it as a “Holiday Tree”.

This year to avoid facing a mob of singing protesters intending to sing “Silent Night” after the tree lighting, the Governor instead change the time of the event to noon with only a twenty nine minute notice.  The event was sparsely attended by those happening to be in the building.  In past years it has been a well-attended traditional family holiday event.

In sharp contrast Arizona Republican Governor, Jan Brewer embraces the Christmas holiday and has made it a policy in Arizona to recognize Christmas and Hanukkah publicly and she prohibits any censorship of these religious holidays.  This past Monday Governor Brewer in fact hosted the lighting of the traditional “Christmas Tree” inside the State Capitol.

In 2009, her first year as Governor, Brewer issued an Executive Order that encouraged the celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah.  The Order recognizes the historical and cultural significance of both Christmas and Hanukkah and spotlights the joy and goodwill fostered by their seasonal celebration.

Governor Brewer seems to acknowledge and address those that would question the constitutionality of such an order when she included the following phrase: “The Constitution does not permit the government to tolerate or engage in hostility toward religion, and the United States Supreme Court has affirmed that the public celebration of religious holidays, and that the acknowledgement of religious origins, does not offend the Constitution.”

There you have two Governors, two trees, two holidays and two options on how to acknowledge religious traditions older than this country.  One Governor prefers to cower and hid while the other stands tall for the traditions of her constituents.

The Opining Quill salutes Governor Jan Brewer for her defense of traditional values, and providing a teaching moment for tolerance. Her understanding of the Constitutional protections afforded to religion and religious freedom provides clarity and respect for the intent of the founding fathers.

While one Governor is treed by protesters the other is basking in the light of the season.  In a season when we most often reflect on peace, goodwill, love and understanding for our fellow man the Opining Quill would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

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Connecticut Ignores Report, Raises Taxes And Falls Further Into Debt

Word is our Connecticut state government budget is coming up short by a few dollars.  Well actually about 200 million dollars.  This after our financial geniuses in the State Legislation followed the recommendations of our chief financial wizard, Governor Dan Malloy and passed the largest tax increase in state history.  How can this be?

The Governor that raised taxes and put taxes for the first time on nonprescription drugs, clothing under $50, manicures, pet grooming and even increase the burden when your car breaks down with taxes on car towing now tells us we are not contributing enough.  When asked about the budget shortfall he characterized the problem as “basically a revenue problem”.  He seems to want to blame his deficit budget on a weak economy that could be solved if there is an upswing in the state’s economy.

Don’t you just have to wonder if the deficit has anything to do with excess spending?  After increasing taxes the addiction to State spending has continued unabated.  Even the political leaders in Coventry this year got the message and produced a budget without a tax increase and are not looking at a significant budget deficit like our State is facing.

Could it be that the State tax increases actually contributed to the short fall in the budget projections?  Could we have avoided this problem if we only read and applied what we learned in our own studies?   Have taxes caused many people with significant money to flee Connecticut for a lower tax environment?  According to one report the answer to all of these questions is, YES!

Now that is hard to believe but the facts are there and the numbers don’t lie.  Connecticut is heading down the wrong path when it comes to estate taxes.  The State studied the issue then ignored the findings and took action that would worsen our economic strength.  How’s that for an approach to the issue?

If you want to read the details provided by the American Legislative Exchange Council below is a link to their report entitled, Rich States Poor States.  When you get to the site click on the picture of the report to view a PDF file and turn to page 44.  There is a half-page dedicated to Connecticut’s study of the estate tax and the impact of action taken under Governor Malloy.

After reading the report you may have to wonder, just what were they thinking or maybe were they thinking when they voted to expand the tax?  Just why did we really raise those taxes?


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Read All About It: Connecticut Job Opportunities!

Jobs, jobs, jobs lately it’s the mantra of politicians but what does it mean here in Connecticut?  Is Connecticut creating opportunities the best way possible?  Let’s take a look and compare Connecticut with Indiana.

Since January 1st both states have taken major steps to create jobs but they have done it in different ways.  One state has taken the route of buying the jobs the other has improved job opportunities by becoming more competitive to attract employers.

Connecticut Democratic Governor Dan Malloy announced on January 5th a plan to bring Jackson Laboratory to our state.  According to the announcement the plan includes the state giving Jackson Laboratory a $192 million construction loan which will be forgiven it Jackson is able to create and retain 300 jobs by the 10th year.  The state will further provide $99 million in research funding and a lease on land that Jackson will be allowed to buy for one dollar ($1.00) once 600 jobs are created.

So for $192 million Jackson need only create 300 jobs within 10 years.  That works out to 30 jobs a year for which taxpayers will have invested $640,000 per job.  That is the path for the Connecticut job solution.

Indiana Republican Governor Mitch Daniels was on the radio the other day talking about a different path to job creation.  February 1st Governor Daniels signed a Right to Work Act for Indiana.  This legislation frees workers from compulsory union dues when they are not members of a union.  It does not interfere with the relationship between unions and their current members.

Here’s what has happened according to the Governor, “We’ve already signed new agreements with three companies. One announced and two to come soon,” said Daniels. “There are 31 companies as of Friday night now in negotiation roles who have identified right to work as a major, if not the major, factor in their interest in Indiana.”

Governor Daniels admitted to one mistake while working to pass the legislation.  He said he probably underestimated how important the addition of right to work legislation would be to the business climate in Indiana.

The contrast between the states is stark.  Connecticut has spent a ton of money for a relatively small number of jobs each year over the next ten years.  While Indiana has spent only the cost of paper, ink and a pen to sign and enact legislation that is instantly attracting job opportunities.

Right to work legislation protects workers that choose to join and pay dues to a union while providing other workers the right to work without having to fund unions as non-members.  It is time Connecticut recognized the rights of workers to determine their own priorities within their work environment.

It is time for unions in Connecticut to stand on their own performance to attract dues paying members.  It is time to take the restrictive yoke of special interest off the shoulders of Connecticut workers and provide more job opportunities.  It’s time to pass a right to work act in Connecticut.

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