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Beleaguered Connecticut Taxpayers Saddled with More Debt To Subsidize The Rich and Business

Governor Dan Malloy

Governor Dan Malloy

Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced new state spending that will add an additional $2.7 million in debt on to the backs of Connecticut’s middleclass taxpayers.  After crushing families with the two highest tax increases in Connecticut history ol’ Danny boy has found another way to spend the taxpayer’s hard earned dollars to subsidize big business and luxury automobile buyers.

While the average Connecticut family struggles to stretch their family budget and pay an ever-increasing burden of taxes.  Dan Malloy finds it necessary to give away up to $5,000 to buyers of fuel cell power vehicles, which is not something found on the average family shopping list.  No this is tax money used to subsidize the wants of rich.

In a statement issued by the Governor he said this will “support local retailers by helping lower the price of electric vehicles, making them more competitive”.  Really Governor, is that the best use for taxpayer dollars?  Does the average family need to support local car dealers to insure they make a profit selling cars?

While the legislature is facing a 1.3-BILLION-dollar deficit in the next budget season apparently, Governor Malloy feels it is necessary to give away taxpayer’s hard earned money to those that can afford NEW CARS!!!  Remember this is your money, paid to the state in good faith that it will be spent wisely.

So, what does the Democratic Majority leadership in the State Legislature have to say about this squandering of tax dollars?  Nothing! Their silence is deafening.  They are only talking about new tolls on highways, new sources of revenue and cuts to cities and towns that will require the local government to raise taxes to fund local requirements for State mandates.

This is not the first-time Dan Malloy has fleeced the taxpayers in this fashion.  The Governor was somewhat bragging over his success when he said, “Since the start of the program in May 2015, more than $2 million has been issued in rebates or reserved for the purchase or lease of 960 electric vehicles in Connecticut”.

This subsidy has been one of the shovels digging Connecticut taxpayers into an ever-deeper hole of debt and this round of subsidies is more of the same.  When will we learn to stop digging?  When will we learn that when you cannot afford what you already have it is time to stop new spending?  This is not an investment for our future this is insanity in the present, this is irresponsible and objectionable.  This is detrimental to every taxpayer and family in Connecticut.  Simple put this is unacceptable.



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It’s Time To Say Good-By

"He who transplanted sustains" takes on new meaning as GE leaves

“He who transplanted sustains” takes on new meaning as GE leaves

Hartford was a hub, New Haven a nucleus, and Waterbury the heart around which small towns grew and flourished. All were vibrant, dynamic and creative urban centers. All three were centers of wealth and commerce in their respective areas.


They all had something else in common, a political machine. Not a political machine dedicated to represent a unity of strength in diversity but rather digging a ditch of dichotomy. They saw the skylines change with raising glass. They could have joined with those within the rising spires with skyline visions to new horizons of opportunity, but their visions were not skyward.


The political machines took another road. They threw stones, not those of metamorphic beginnings but those founded by political heat and pressure. The growth could have been seen as opportunities for the common man, as incubators of opportunities encouraged to flourish and grow. The machine saw opposition and the potential of economic growth that would threaten their stranglehold on political power.


The political machines, saw the financial growth of economic opportunity as a storehouse of potential plunder waiting to be attacked like swag off a loading dock. The story was the same from places far away like Jersey City, and Newark to our cities of Connecticut. The rhetoric was repeated, the policies were duplicated, and the ditch of dichotomy had to be dredged to protect the machine.


The machine taxed and punished the job creators, they destroyed the dreams, and shattered the hopes. They shoveled their dirt, with the rhetoric of division, destruction and ruin, piling the mud along their ditch.


The opportunities left the cities, the people that remained were more dependent than ever on the hollow hopes of false promise from the political machine. The ditch of dichotomy has grown deeper as metamorphic stones of politics have piled higher buffered with political mudslinging from the city moat.


To preserve and expand their fiefdoms the political machine has moved to the halls of the State Capital. They have taken their ruinous reins of power and rhetoric of destructive dichotomy to new levels. They are leading our State down the path they have taken our cities.


To anyone that watched the slow destruction of our cities, and the loss of economic opportunities, the loss of GE was no surprise. History repeats itself. Connecticut is marching down the path following the same bandwagon that has led our cities from splendor to mere memories of what once was.


Remember when Hartford, was known as the insurance capital of the world, and we waved good-by to so many, history repeats itself. Today we wave good-by to GE, and history repeats itself. Voting for another Democratic machine candidate and hoping for a different result is folly, history repeats itself.


The leaders of industry and commerce are on the move and the lights of opportunity are leaving our state. We can change our direction now or we can kick the can down the road like the State unfunded pension problem. We can leave a legacy of darkness for our next generation or we can act.


It is time for a new light in leadership for Connecticut. It is time to make history, it is time to vote to turn Connecticut in a new direction, it is time to wave good-by to Malloy, Murphy, Blumenthal, Courtney, DeLauro, Wyman, Merrill and the rest of the machine.


Will you be part of the solution, will you help to defeat the machine? What path do you want for Connecticut, one of darkness or light? You can help to build the new path in your Republican Town Committee where plans are now underway for a better tomorrow.


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Iphone shots 022-1It all started with an image, some promises, and dreams of better days. All it took was a wisp of creative imagination, some smoke and mirrors, a few false promises and a willing populous, ready to float like clouds through dreamland with the winds of hope and change upon their back.

What voters got was more like a wobbly three legged wooden stool. Dan Malloy as Governor, Brendan Sharky as Speaker of the House and Martin Looney as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

Their first order of business was to deliver to the taxpayer’s of Connecticut the largest tax increase in Connecticut. Not exactly what the people were told was going to happen or what they thought they voted for, but facts don’t always match political promises.

Their second order of business was the recent creation of the second largest tax increase in Connecticut history. This coming within 6 months of Dan Malloy telling the taxpayers he made the hard choices, fixed the budget and would not be raising their taxes. Poof, the promises went up in smoke.

Where there is smoke there is fire. Today there is a firestorm of negative reaction rocking the foundations of employment and family finances across Connecticut. The legs of the wooden stool are feeling the heat of flames.

Time to fix the problem? No, remember these are tax and spend Democrats. It is time to reach for the taxpayer’s wallet to purchase fire protection for the wobbly wooden stool instead of protection for the people.

Last week the House Democratic caucus hired the Hartford public relations firm of McDowell and Jewett Communications to review their public relations operation. Of course this will be paid for with taxpayer’s dollars, after all it is time for local elections and the Democrats will need all the smoke, mirrors and Vaseline they can find to slide by the voters in this election cycle.

The funds will come from a budget provided to each legislative party caucus to hire, a legal team, legislative assistants and communications staff, functions normally associated with doing the work of the people. This reviewing of the public relations operations, is more akin to a study of how to put out the fire that threatens the wobbly stool for the tax and spend Democratic caucus.

For many taxpayers and their families the burden of increase government spending is a growing concern. This fall many communities will have a choice, more tax and spend or a new policy, a financial path followed like your family budget with restraint, reason and common sense.

We will all choose our seats. You can take your chances on another tax and spend wobbly wooden stool or a solid Republican oaken bench, you can sit on the sidelines or you can get in the game by taking the time to vote. The decision is yours.

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Connecticut Secretary of State Fails Test

Rhetoric vs. performance is a simple measure of character and commitment when we review the effort, priorities and dedication of an elected official.  Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill is revealing her true priorities and dedication as a politician putting her politics and party before her elected responsibilities.

Ms. Merrill a former State Legislator represented Mansfield, home of our beloved UConn Huskies and thousands of students.  While in her home community it may be widely and generally accepted for a student to blow off their responsibility and skip a class in favor of a party it is not what you would expect of a responsible elected official.

In the position of Secretary of State Ms. Merrill has stepped outside the sheltered world of academia and into the real world of responsibility.  It is time for her to abandon the priorities of a college co-ed elevating the priorities of a party above her sworn duties and former declarations of dedication to the service of her constituents.

Ms. Merrill ran for office touting her dedication to serving the people of Connecticut, her dedication to service was a cornerstone of her campaign.  Now when the election is over and the office is won, we must look at her performance and compare it to the rhetoric.

The Secretary of State in Connecticut serves as our Commissioner of Elections, charged to administer, interpret and implement election laws and ensure fair and impartial elections.  One need only to look at recent elections in Bridgeport, or a Connecticut primary in which a single lost ballot was an issue in determining a winner to know the importance of responsibility to the training and educating of election officials.  Madam Secretary has the ultimate responsibility to oversee the elections and the actions of the local Registrars of Voters and their training.

This past June Governor Malloy signed into law a new voting rights act that dramatically changed voter registration laws and procedures.  House Bill 5024 was 11 pages long and contained over 4700 words of legalize amending how the registrars will be doing their jobs in the future.  We have 169 towns and each has at least two Registrars of Voters.  The Registrars gather twice per year for the opportunity to enhance their skills, and gain information to ensure their top performance on the job.  Naturally some will be absent from one of these meetings so it is IMPORTANT to use every opportunity to meet with them.

This year the Connecticut Registrars of Voters will be meeting during the same time as the Democratic National Convention so, Secretary of State Denise Merrill had to make a decision on her priorities.  She chose to put party politics above the service to her constituents.  Denise Merrill announced she will not attend the convention for the Connecticut Registrar.  Apparently, she will be too busy attending to party politics at the Democratic National Convention to be bothered with the responsibilities as our Commissioner of Elections.

Ms. Merrill needs to remember she is not a college co-ed from Mansfield blowing off her responsibilities; she is an elected State Officer with a sworn duty to the citizens of Connecticut. The Democratic National Convention’s outcome will be no surprise; Barack Obama will be the nominee for President.  While attending the Democratic National Convention may be a great time to party with your political peers it is no sign of character, dedication or adult decision making by our Secretary of State, Denise Merrill.

If you run for an office and promise to serve your constituents it should be a priority over personal politics, party and self.  In the world of academia Denise Merrill would fail this test of her commitment to the citizens of Connecticut.

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Connecticut Ignores Report, Raises Taxes And Falls Further Into Debt

Word is our Connecticut state government budget is coming up short by a few dollars.  Well actually about 200 million dollars.  This after our financial geniuses in the State Legislation followed the recommendations of our chief financial wizard, Governor Dan Malloy and passed the largest tax increase in state history.  How can this be?

The Governor that raised taxes and put taxes for the first time on nonprescription drugs, clothing under $50, manicures, pet grooming and even increase the burden when your car breaks down with taxes on car towing now tells us we are not contributing enough.  When asked about the budget shortfall he characterized the problem as “basically a revenue problem”.  He seems to want to blame his deficit budget on a weak economy that could be solved if there is an upswing in the state’s economy.

Don’t you just have to wonder if the deficit has anything to do with excess spending?  After increasing taxes the addiction to State spending has continued unabated.  Even the political leaders in Coventry this year got the message and produced a budget without a tax increase and are not looking at a significant budget deficit like our State is facing.

Could it be that the State tax increases actually contributed to the short fall in the budget projections?  Could we have avoided this problem if we only read and applied what we learned in our own studies?   Have taxes caused many people with significant money to flee Connecticut for a lower tax environment?  According to one report the answer to all of these questions is, YES!

Now that is hard to believe but the facts are there and the numbers don’t lie.  Connecticut is heading down the wrong path when it comes to estate taxes.  The State studied the issue then ignored the findings and took action that would worsen our economic strength.  How’s that for an approach to the issue?

If you want to read the details provided by the American Legislative Exchange Council below is a link to their report entitled, Rich States Poor States.  When you get to the site click on the picture of the report to view a PDF file and turn to page 44.  There is a half-page dedicated to Connecticut’s study of the estate tax and the impact of action taken under Governor Malloy.

After reading the report you may have to wonder, just what were they thinking or maybe were they thinking when they voted to expand the tax?  Just why did we really raise those taxes?


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Coventry Town Manager Speaks With Authority And Asks For A Nudge!

The Connecticut Council of Small Towns (COST) needed to speak out on the Governor’s proposed budget to voice the concerns of small towns from across the state.  The task called for a representative able to speak effectively and yet concisely to convey all of their concerns within a brief speaking opportunity.

COST turned to a key member, an officer of their executive committee on the Board of Directors, Mr. John Elsesser.  The same John Elsesser that acts as the Town Manager for Coventry became the voice of all small towns in Connecticut speaking before the Appropriations Committee in our State Legislature.

Steering clear of a total endorsement of the Governor’s proposed budget Elsesser said, “COST applauds Governor Malloy for continuing his commitment to maintaining current levels of funding for the Town Aid Road Program (TAR), Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP), Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP), Main Street Investment Fund and Clean Water Fund.”  These programs are considered vital for small towns across the region struggling with budget challenges in weak economic times.

Mr. Elsesser called attention to the deteriorating infrastructure of bridges when he stated that, “over a third of Connecticut municipal bridges are considered either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete”.  He challenged the members of both the House and the Senate to better address the problems of deteriorating bridges.  He called for “the various state agencies to streamline the permitting process since it can take up to five years to gain approval to proceed, adding unnecessary costs and jeopardizing public safety”.

Five years to study and approve a bridge project is longer than the time we spend to educate a teacher.  It can take longer to approve the repair or replacement of a bridge in Connecticut than it took the entire country to win World War II.  This is an example of the foot dragging, boondoggling foolishness in government that is unacceptable, wasteful and a risk to public safety.  It must be stopped.

A salute to Mr. Elsesser from the Opining Quill for shedding light on this waste of taxpayer money fostered by mandates and inefficiency of government.  Unfortunately and perhaps restricted by his role at the time Elsesser only asked for lawmakers “to help nudge the various agencies”.

NUDGE!  Are you kidding me?  It is time to tell them to get off the chair, get to work and get the job done in a timely fashion!  The taxpayers have had enough of tax, spend and waste.


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Saving Nathan Hale A Mission For Malloy

How is it that Connecticut’s most beloved patriot Nathan Hale once a revered legend is today the subject of butt jokes?  While Coventry CT is busy raising money to honor the beloved Patriot with a new statue New York’s statue sits viewable only from the rear.

I hardly think Mr. Hale would consider his backside as his best side but that is the only view New York City residents have of Mr. Hale.  Perhaps Governor Malloy should approach New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg in a rescue mission of sorts and offer a new home here in Connecticut where citizens could see Nathan’s better side.

For a more complete story click on this link:  http://tiny.cc/trs8aw

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