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The Quilt

Sewing a quilt, more than just stitching, it delivers a message.

Sewing a quilt, more than just stitching, it delivers a message.

It was a rainy late September evening when the ladies gathered in the community room of the Congregational church, woman of different faiths and traditions.  A collection of mostly older woman, it appeared to be a gathering of grandmothers.  They had come together with the idea of making a community quilt to sell for charity.

Agnes, a woman of eighty, tried to run the meeting as best she could but everyone had an opinion and many were intransigent.  Coming together with a meeting of the minds on a single quilt was soon tossed aside and it was decided they would meet through the winter and each would work on their own quilt.  The idea soon morphed into a spring quilt show.  Mabel was the oldest and sat quietly off to the side.

Each week through the winter the group would gather share stories and hand sew another patch or two to their quilts.  Mabel watched, said little and only sewed on small patches each week.  As the other quilts grew in size the others realized Mabel was doing things a little different.

Mildred soon reached out to Mabel and asked if she needed helpMabel simply explained, “My hands are frail and I sew a little slower now, so each week I come to enjoy the company, and work only on parts for my quilt.  During the week I sew each of the pieces slowly together at home when I can think about the meaning of each new patch and how it fits, into the total picture, it would be hard for me to haul the quilt here each week.’

The cold New England winter nights were warmed by the chatter and laughter as the women stitched.  Olga was proud of the progress with her Scandinavian design, she had learned to quilt at her grandma’s table.  Anne was creating a tribute to her granddaughter and her love of flowers.   Holly thought her town historical theme would surely win grand prize.   Nobody paid much attention to the little squares of cloth Mabel slowly sewed, they were more consumed by their own quilts and the appearance of their neighbor’s quilt.

On the last Saturday of May just before Memorial Day the woman all arrived early at the community room, each to hang their quilt for the afternoon show.  There was a buzz in the air, as each lady hung her finished quilt, the judging would be at noon.  At 11:00 Rachael noticed Mabel’s spot was empty and word quickly passed as thoughts of concern spread from mouth to ears.

At 11:20 a tall young man with a big box opened the door.  There coming slowly up the steps was Mabel, “I hope I am not too late, I just could not carry my quilt”.  She showed her grandson where to put the quilt and asked if he could be the one to hang it.  “I want the next generation to understand, who we are” she said.

He opened the box and ever so gently with reflection of reverence he lifted the quilt sewn by his grandmother’s frail hands and hung it up for all to see.  The room fell silent, as the others gathered around, before them was more than a quilt, before them was a work of art, a treasure of perfection.  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind the Grand Champion Blue Ribbon quilt would be Mabel’s.

What hung before them looked like a tribute to America.  A quilt large enough for a king-sized bed, with an American Flag in the four corners, along the borders were the faces of people from different cultures, and ethnicity.  The patches were filled with outlines of each State and patches depicting professionals like firemen, teachers, doctors and barbers.  There were famous American’s like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant and Ronald Reagan.

The women swelled with pride on being an American, a country so diverse and tolerant, a country more tolerant than the group had been when it first got together.  The display was not complete, for each entry had to be finished and had to have a title card.  It was nearly noon, Mabel’s card was not hung and one square in the middle was covered with a tissue.  Rose asked, “Why it was hung without being finished?”

Mabel smiled and said, “I wanted all of you to see my work without preconceptions, to think about it with an open mind, to understand what a big tent we have in this nation, that we are a sum of our parts, working together to accomplish great things for our great nation”. Voices rang out, we get it, you are so right, and some began to chant USA, USA.

Mabel raised her hands to quiet the crowd, she had only 30 seconds to finish her display.  As her grandson took out a card and pinned it to the top, Mildred tore away the tissue, and with that she yelled, “It is time to come together”.  The card read, “The Republican Party” and the center patch was the face of Donald J. Trump.




Lifesaving Information – Fact Checking A President To Save Lives

CANCER the mere mention of the word by your doctor causes instant anxiety, fear and apprehension.  Cancer comes in many forms and impacts nearly every family.  We have not yet conquered this disease but we have made great progress in detection and treatment.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps or have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages.

The importance of early detection mammograms was even mentioned in the second presidential debate when President Barack Obama said, “there are millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms”.

The Opining Quill urges all readers to either schedule a mammogram or to urge someone you care deeply about to take the steps for early detection of breast cancer.  Early detection is often the key element in conquering cancer, so don’t put it off, take action today.

If you would like to join as the President says, “millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood” here is a link for Connecticut Planned Parenthood centers and a search engine for locations in the rest of the nation:



Despite what our President has said Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms their clinics are not even equipped for the procedure, so if you would like to schedule a mammogram or need other information concerning mammograms there are links below for your convenience:

For information about mammograms including qualifications for low-income services:


For the location and contact information for a local mammogram service providers


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Women On The Move Provide Inspiration

Observations of the world around you can stimulate your thinking in this case the conclusions are purely from anecdotal experience.  It has come to my attention that women are on the move and men are not with them.

In this purely unscientific observation the source of these phenomena is the vacation mecca of Cape Cod.  Now understand that this increases the sample input from a wide area since the summer population is predominately a constant changing flow of individuals from other areas of domicile.

That being said, I have notice at all times of the day but primarily in the morning that America’s women are out and about jogging, power walking and otherwise getting exercise at a rate that is unprecedented.  This would not necessarily gain my attention if it were not for the lack of men doing the same thing.

What is going on?  When did this start? It makes you begin to think about some things and even how it relates to current events.

It seems the source of all this athleticism may have started on June 23rd 1972 with the enactment of Title IX the Equal Opportunity in Education Act.  Title IX codified equal opportunity for participation in, and benefits of, any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.  The impact was immediate but the implementation took some time to develop and fully institute.

Women had new opportunities particularly in the field of sports.  We have seen an amazing rise in activity and interest in women’s sports and today young girls have different vision and different dreams than their grandmothers from 1960.

Today women have seized the opportunity and seen benefits of athletic activity; they are making exercise part of their lives like never before.  In fact observation would tell us they are more into personal physical training than men!  Maybe the men are too busy ogling when they should be joining but that is another subject.

So how does this relate to current events?  Well, if you tuned in to the Republican National Convention last week you would have heard a lot of talk about smaller government.  A government that protects liberty and opportunity, not a government that regulates and dictates what and how you must act.

In the case of women’s sports the government got it right.  They didn’t pass a personal mandate overloaded with taxes to institute government controlled changes they merely guaranteed the door of opportunity would be open for all.

In concert with our Constitution, Title IX allowed individuals to pursue their form of happiness through sports and they were guaranteed the freedom to do just that.  The problem was historical perception and the role of women in our society.

The solution was to merely open the doors of opportunity to provide a conduit for American ingenuity and pride, to address the issue.  Government didn’t have to mandate and regulate which teams to have or how a local university or high school should operate.  No, that was left to the local level and the solutions were not universal, the solutions were based on what was best for each situation.

Since the last presidential election we have seen government become far more intrusive, with personal mandates and regulations.  We have seen a growth of government that has not opened the doors of opportunity for personal growth, jobs, and opportunities.  We have seen a government that has stifled and smothered opportunity and taken a larger role within our personal lives and the commerce of our nation.  Our economy has not been stimulated and remains in economic doldrums.

Americans are a resilient people; we have a history of economic strength derived from our freedom to pursue opportunity as guaranteed in our Constitution.  The solution for our economic problems is before us and our history of Title IX has shown us the way.

In healthcare, in the auto industry and the hardware store on Main Street the answer is opportunity and the free market system.  Just ask the women of America how it works when government opens the doors of opportunity and gets out of the way so Americans can pursue their dreams and happiness.



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